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Ours are lives that are easily thrown out of balance.  The common circumstances that we rarely consider poise the most threat because they are the situations that we sometimes pay the least attention to.  

 I have made a general list of at least twenty items that easily come to mind. Take a look, and feel free to comment. I am certain I neglected all the issues that could be included.  Also, be sure to visit the links at the end of this blog post to determine what they have to offer.

  • How to better express our point of view by weaving into our conversations  compelling visual images
  • How to sort through relevant facts to substantiate our contentions
  • How to see the humor inherent in the majority of uncomfortable situations
  • How to clarify our meaning and get to the main point of what we are trying to say out faster
  • How to ask better questions about the things in life we fail to comprehend
  • How to accept counterarguments without becoming annoyed or turning off others
  • How to meet new people and bring their spirit into our lives
  • How to make ourselves more fascinating to strangers that interest us
  • How to arrange for a few minutes of daily inner peace and solitude
  • How to express our admiration without being condescending to those we respect
  • How to control our displeasure
  • How to find new ways to ignite our flame
  • How to reduce the scope of our spending
  • How to look more festive or more suitable for specific events
  • How to take advantage of what nature freely provides for us
  • How to take an alternate route to work that is less stressful and more picturesque
  • How to heal old wounds without punishing ourselves
  • How to get to the crux of what bothers us much quicker
  • How to devise better plans (in general)
  • How to make easier transitions
  • How to demonstrate our willingness to be of help without embarrassing those in need of it
  • How to make better choices (both short and long-term)


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