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Aesthetic nursing articles can offer new and innovative approaches to client / patient care, in-depth analysis of research and therapeutic practice systems.  Aesthetic nurses who publish and provide theoretical papers and manuscripts address the need for continuous medical aesthetic promotion with an emphasis on educational preparation. Their efforts are leading the way for the expansion of aesthetic nursing and are making substantial contributions to the field and bringing much-needed awareness to the particulars of this new and exciting nursing specialty.

What follows are suggestions for articles that could be authored by aesthetic nurses with special interest in validating practices and principles of beauty management theory and treatment modalities in clinical settings.

1.       Skin care intervention for pregnant patients

2.       Effectiveness of chemical peeling on mature skin of women 55 plus

3.       Appraisal of the effects of aromatherapy and anxiety

4.       Management and response of adult acne

5.       How to improve aesthetic home care adherence

6.       Cosmetic rehabilitation – five years of progress

7.       Evidence of elevated esteem after appearance restoration counseling

8.       Skin care treatment preferences of teens

9.       Knowledge, attitudes and behaviors related to aesthetic image development

10.   Understanding the indications of interrupted sleep patterns and their effect on the skin

11.   Aesthetic technology – issues and techniques

12.    Making sense of post-operative skin care strategies

13.   Recommendations for building a medical aesthetic practice

14.   Perioral symptom management

15.   Accountability issues involving aesthetic-related therapies

16.   Age-related aesthetic concerns

17.   Basic knowledge of beautification procedures

18.   Ethical issues related to merchandising of skin treatment products in clinical settings

19.   Error reduction in laser treatments

20.   Aesthetic tele-coaching

21.   Applying research to aesthetic practice

22.   Cosmetic intervention for acute and traumatic scarring related to physical assaults and abuse

23.   Acne therapy – measured outcomes of controlled studies

24.   Disease related skin care treatment modalities

25.   Teaching aids for aesthetic nursing education

26.   Business principles for nurse practitioners in private practice

27.   Complex skin conditions – root cause analysis and therapeutic management

28.   Appearance restoration for post-burn injury patients – a conceptual framework

29.   Aesthetic nursing environments – cross-care giving and shared treatment spaces

30.   Advances in aesthetic therapies and their impact on cancer patients

31.   Aesthetic treatments as they relate to weight management

32.   Aesthetic assessment for the needs of patients after major weight loss

33.   Advance aesthetic care planning for burn injury survivors

34.   Aesthetic nursing interventions for dermatology patients

35.   Psychological factors associated with aging appearance related issues

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