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There is also a group of neuroscientists  that have exploring the signs of spirituality in relation to the human brain which they claim is not the mind and is connected to a higher level of consciousness that links our thinking to the universe and beyond the world of matter. In their book the “Spiritual Brain”

Mario Beauregard and Denyse  O’Leary focus on the strength of our convictions based on our spiritual experiences that inspire ourselves and others who believe as we do. http://www.amazon.com/The-Spiritual-Brain-Neuroscientists-Existence/dp/0060858834

They are researching alternative mental visions such as extrasensory perception and telepathy. They are of the belief that inquires into psi  have special merit and are worthy of just as much  investigation.  In their book they describe the importance of looking for a “God spot” or a “God Gene” in the brain that functions something like a switch that can be turned on in the brain. And, they claim that the studies they are conducting are turning up considerable evidence of such.

They refer to their hypothesis as the nonphysical mind. They see it as another dimension in their  professional neuroscientific lives. Drawing on his own research with Carmelite nuns, Beauregard shows

that paradigm spiritual happenings can be recorded. He offers much more than speculation that holy events in our lives have a spiritual basis which provides for some serious introspection and that could possibly give credence to the idea that there is a mightier power who we can give credence to that inspires our spiritual experiences, and our faith may not merely be the physiology of our brains.

Another book that reveals the inner workings of the spiritual mind is the book “Studies in Neuroscience, Consciousness and Spirituality”.  The series editors: Harald Walach, European University Viadrina, Frankfurt (Oder), Germany, Stefan Schmidt, University Medical Center, Freiburg and European University and Viadrina, Frankfurt (Oder), Germany, have diligently united both scholarship and science.

In the United States, Canada, and in Israel there are those who have contributed to the research and the publication, experts academicians like Jonathan Schooler, University of California, Santa Barbara, CA, USA Mario Beauregard, University of Montreal, Canada Robert Forman, Jerusalem Institute of Advanced Studies, Israel B. Alan Wallace, Santa Barbara Institute for Consciousness Studies, CA, USA

Individual chapters discuss new areas of research, such as near death studies and neuroscience research into spiritual experiences, and report on significant new theoretical advances.  From Harald Walach’s introductory essay that invites inquiry into the subject, “Neuroscience, Consciousness, Spirituality – Questions, Problems and Potential Solutions,” to the concluding chapter by Robert K. C. Foreman entitled An Emerging New Model for Consciousness: The Consciousness Field Model,” “ who encourages us to investigate  this book and promises us a more integrated understanding of spirituality, neuroscience and consciousness.

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