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Power comes to men through money and position. The dynamics are different for women. Strength and influence emerge through their beauty and elegance.  Being chic is always trendy.  Aesthetic fads come and go as far as style is concerned, but to possess sophistication is what truly makes a woman a timeless social centerpiece.  No matter what her age or the set of circumstances that she may find herself in.  When a chic woman walks into a room people turn around and take notice of her. You can hear the buzz circulating and almost feel the vibration of her energy. 

Having grown up with a fashion designer who educated models – I have had more than a taste of what it takes to become chic.  My background has given me an appreciation for women (mainly those who did not possess this quality to begin with) who have given themselves what it takes even though they have not been reared regally.  They are women who long to be well put together, but who have not come from a privileged social economic heritage in which case they would practically be born with the knowledge.

These women have had to work hard at becoming chic and appearing refined through the art of cosmopolitanism and by polishing themselves up more than a bit so they can be recognized as sophisticated in terms that the world recognizes.   

A woman does not have to be a millionaire to appear chic.  She need not put on airs either.  Intimate knowledge will give her cachet in many other ways if she yearns to go socially higher by using her image as a catalyst. Of course, she will have to make some sacrifices because a chic identity has its very own definition. As long as she is willing to admit to herself that she must participate in the serious study of fashion and its dictates, learn all she can about decorating and the principles of social decorum, she should be able to do fairly well for herself. The minute she comes into view, if she has worked diligently at it for years, her efforts will be made visible and the memory of she is trying to evoke will survive in the minds of all those she meets and linger long after she departs her encounters.

The chic woman is by no means foolproof. Where truly chic women focus on the right thing, women who yearn to be chic must concentrate on what it takes to do right.  She must keep at it incessantly otherwise, she will seem, as if she is trying too hard to impress. Styles need to be changed and up-dated with maturity or she will find herself stuck in a very telling time rut. As one would expect, fashion trends eventually will fade.  If she is lucky she can get by knowing the basics and utilizing this knowledge but after a while if she does not keep sprucing up she begins to look a lot less authentic and, more than a little frayed.

The Chic woman has a winning personality and does well professionally. She is proficient at networking and participating in small talk.  She is aware of all the things she needs to say to create a foundation for lasting fellowship. The creatively chic woman understands the dire need of etiquette training. That being said, she rarely makes social blunders, whatever social faux pas she has committed in the past, she has learned excruciatingly well from.  The chic woman always practices courtesy and comes across as very considerate. She is the personification of hospitality, confident when she dines and even more highly self-assured when she entertains.  Her home is always lovely because it is an extension of her elegance and charm. The chic woman knows how to not just give a gift, but how to receive one gracefully.  Regardless of its monetary worth she makes it appear that it is precious and priceless to her. To the chic woman what is really pleasing is that the person who gave her the present thought of her to begin with. 

15 Ways to Appear Chic –

1.       Minimalism while still making a visual impact

2.       Proper attire for every occasion  – feminine not fussy

3.       A working wardrobe of authoritative colors

4.       Hair styles that flatter facial features and that are proportionate

5.       Sophisticated without snobbery

6.       Excellent posture

7.       Having everything one needs on hand to complete one’s image, anytime, anywhere

8.       Rejection of strong fragrances – not heavily perfumed

9.       Natural looking application of cosmetics – light but effective

10.   Creating a look that is unmistakably signature by incorporating a wealth of artistic possibilities  

11.   What everyone would expect – magnificent all over

12.   Social adaptability

13.   Beautiful accessories tastefully selected and worn

14.   Feeling good about oneself

15.   Being interesting

Chic women are a guiding force for us all.


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