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Having been in the field many years, I often get inquiries about what path a newcomer to the profession should take. The field of aesthetics offers many opportunities that are vast and varied and it can be confusing.  It is constantly evolving taking on many new disciplines and, at the same instance, offering many new opportunities. Career satisfaction is never guaranteed in any industry.  There is no lifetime of steady success.  Most of the time, we find, we are merely dealing with the day-to-day, practical and attainable aspects of our work – trying to balance out the ill-fitting particulars of our jobs while still being progressive in our career progress and our advancement. What follows are some suggestions about how one might go about finding their career path:

We Find Our Career Paths by:

  1. By taking into account our financial concerns
  2. By examining our professional and personal values
  3. By thinking in graphic detail about what would be the perfect job for us
  4. By networking with others who are in fields related to our interests
  5. By participating in a personal coaching relationship to determine our inner thoughts and desires
  6. By speaking with those who care about our happiness and welfare and considering another point of view
  7. By conversing with professionals whom we admire and by asking them questions
  8. By daydreaming and paying attention to our career fantasies
  9. By thinking of work as a form of play and focusing on the aspects of a position that just seem fun
  10. By joining women’s groups and associations that are aligned with our areas of interest
  11. By creating our future mentally first – mind-mapping it out – step-by-step
  12. By respecting our knowledge, skill set, special talents and our passions
  13. By using our imagination to come up with entrepreneurial ideas
  14. By considering what kind of work will make us emotionally happier and healthier on a daily basis
  15. By determining how difficult it is to get into the field we are considering and what we might have to learn to stay current in the field we may be choosing for ourselves
  16. By looking into all the benefits offered
  17. By thinking about the professionals we will be working with
  18. By considering our long term satisfaction
  19. By evaluating the working habits and other disciplines that must be followed to achieve success
  20. By considering how much we will be challenged by our decision to take on the career we are considering
  21. By thinking logically about our career options, analyzing them carefully and by applying common sense to our decision-making process
  22. By having breakthroughs (“ah ha” moments)
  23. By filling in gaps with additional education required
  24. By participating in internships to get a feel for real world applications of the work
  25. By training under masters and not reinventing the wheel
  26. By looking to a higher power for guidance and a sense of spiritual direction
  27. By routinely asking ourselves where do we go from here?
  28. By engaging in the process of elimination – asking what aspects of our previous careers did not work and how
  29. By acknowledging our steady progress and by continuing to move forward with our career rational   
  30. By focusing on who we are and who we are becoming rather than what we do
  31. By thinking for ourselves and yet, taking into consideration the recommendations of others
  32. By recognizing professional trends and as much as possible going with the flow
  33. By staying focused on our goals once we have finally decided where it is we want to be career wise and, simultaneously, by being flexible when necessary
  34. By realizing that we are not powerless to change our circumstances if it appears it is necessary to do so
  35. By trying to bring about positive change not just for ourselves but for all those who travel with us down the same path

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