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Think the constant frustrations you are experiencing with people you talk to on the phone originate and end with you? Think again.  Take a look at the following list and identify the triggers that cause us to flare on the phone, many of which are coming from outside igniting sources. When you do the math you can clearly see where the rage and the frustration you may be dealing with on a day-to-day basis is coming from.

  • People who constantly pause while speaking to you in order to read their text-messages
  • People who repeat themselves over-and-over again because they are not speaking to you per say but to the sounding board they have made of you
  • People who ignore your requests again-and-again, especially questions you bring up to them that constantly go unanswered
  • People that place you on hold indefinitely
  • People who claim they will call you right back and never do
  • People who start up conversations on a second phone line and hold you hostage so that you must listen to every word they utter while you are waiting for them to get back to you
  • People that bring up topics that they know will trigger unpleasant reactions because these subjects have caused you to overreact in the past
  • People whose voices fade in and out because they are engaged in doing something more important than communicating with you
  • People who need to have a sense of control over you and answer the phone by saying “ I was on my way out the door, but when I saw that it was you telephoning I decided to pick up the phone but…please be aware, I only have a minute”
  • People who speak over your voice when you are trying to get a passionate point you want desperately to express, across to them
  • People who turn a two-way conversation into their own personal monologue
  • People who pretend to show you courtesy by asking if it is ok for them to speak about a situation in detail that they have continuously covered in practically every conversation you have had with them for months
  • People who never allow you to interject your thoughts or to offer your opinion or comment on anything at all that they have to say
  • People who state, “I just want to say this one last thing and forty-five minutes to an hour into the call they are still belaboring the issue
  • People who spend all the time you give to them to grandstand and laude over you their blessings knowing that you are undergoing tough times
  • People who are not interested in the least, to discuss what is going on in your life at the moment or for that matter at anytime – not in the past, not in the present and, certainly, not, in the future
  • People who yell out to others who are in the room with them but who are further than earshot away so they have to scream in your ear to be heard
  • People who tell you that their cell phone battery is going out just about the time they are to respond to a request you may have posed to them
  • People who say they cannot hear you because they do not want to hear you and pretend there is an interruption on the phone line
  • People who leave phone messages just seconds before they leave to go out and when you try to return their call their voice mail system is all you can reach and, you do not hear back from them until the next day or even several days later
  • People who call you, make a snide remark and hang-up leaving you no recourse since when you call back to respond they do not pick up
  • People who pretend they never got your voicemail message
  • People who do not call you back because they claim they could not understand you when you left a message

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