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Countless people are concerned about the way they look and especially with the aspect of showing signs of aging. As we grow older; serenity and cerebral wisdom become more evident in our rationale regarding subjects related to the beauty of our outer shell.

If we permit it, our progressive maturity helps us reevaluate the definition of “true beauty” from more of a sacred point of view. Many of us begin to reevaluate our physical attractiveness in a way that reflects more on the teachings of the Bible and how we can address this subject.

Later in our lives, many of us start to abandon the habits that held us hostage to aesthetic conformity in our cultures for so many decades. We begin, at some point, to rethink our interpretation of our physical worth, redefining our image to include the noticeable changes that naturally come with the passage of years.

The Bible encourages us to make the most of ourselves and to work from the inside out.  We are instructed to begin our relationship from within, where our “real beauty resides” and work outward.  We are urged to go beyond the fashion “must haves,” and the upcoming trends of tomorrow. We are reminded of the aesthetic rhythm of spiritual beauty and the radiance it exudes.

Take a look at what the “Book of God” has to say on the subject:

Matthew 23:28 – “In the same way, on the outside you appear to people as righteous, but on the inside you are full of hypocrisy and wickedness.”

Matthew 7:20 – “Thus, by their fruit you will recognize them.”

If we allow ourselves to focus more on the guidance of the Bible as our skin begins to become weathered and marked with texture from time and the strength of its vigor begins to relax, we realize we no longer have to be the disciples of aesthetic desires. The products and procedures that once ruled our worlds no longer have the same allure and hold on us. There is yet to be discovered another type of beauty that prevails with age and is so magnificent in its splendor that it turns heads when we walk into a room and makes people marvel at what it is that makes us so divine in the last decades of our lives.

Both men and women who have discovered the aesthetic dictates described in the Bible know that once you cross a certain decade (whatever we deem that phase of our life to be) there is another form of beauty that awaits exploration. It is our way of being in this world and there is nothing imperfect about it. It merely is, and it mirrors the vision of God that he had in mind when he created us.

It is an image that holds its purity amidst all the artificiality of the years which preceded it. There is an acceptance that announces “I am one with the Divine,” I am no longer worried about appearing dated or dowdy. The special attention I receive now comes from the result of “good taste” and moderation in my aesthetic choices, modesty, decency and propriety.  I have with the grace of God, come to realization that what God conceives, is as, it is to be. There is such a thing as “celestial beauty” and it tolerates the test of time because, it is timeless in its execution to begin with.

Teaching our youth early about what the Bible has to say and other profound aspects related to healthy attitudes regarding appearance creates a sound platform for high self-esteem early on. Offering numerous opportunities to cultivate unshakable confidence about one’s physical presence and its value as one gradually moves through the process of finding one’s own special identity.

More Quotes from the Bible can be accessed on the topics of dress and clothing excerpted from: “Quick Scripture Reference for Counseling Youth,” Miller A. Patricia, Miller R. Keith (2006) www.bakerbooks.com

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Hello There,

The application of cosmetics is an effort that is very personal.  The makeup wearer uses their face as a canvas to create an atmospheric image with a variance of intended effects.  The ease of use and the versatility of makeup as a medium for self-expression render it worth all the exertion required.  Makeup applications represent a combination of techniques, each of which presents its own rewards.  Carefully chosen applicators and tools aid the process.

Layer by layer makeup brings out the feminine by exposing the outer appearance of womanliness. Imperfections disintegrate right before the observer’s eyes with a few strokes of a brush in multi directions.  Makeup in large part is all about fantasy, no woman is ever quite as perfect as she can make herself with a few minor alterations here and there to conceal faults.  

Few of us are gifted with perfect symmetry. Contour and highlighting techniques create balance and proportion, illusions that both veil and reveal.  The results honor the act by allowing what does not exist to appear real. Makeup provides us with the opportunity to be attractive and on occasion – it satisfies our longing to become beautiful. In such instances, makeup is nothing less than a shortcut to a miracle.

Makeup is a catalyst that ignites the inner fire of a woman bringing to the surface her more sensual nature allowing her to take on undertones of the Greek Goddess of love and beauty Aphrodite, with shades of sexiness a mere suggestion rather than openly stated.  Lipstick for example signifies romance by bringing fullness to the lips and liner mystery to the eyes, in most cultures makeup is ritually worn throughout courtship. The wearing of cosmetics create more vivid stimuli, completing the women bringing forth an aesthetic totality to her physical presentation personifying the vital forces contained within her. 

Makeup can also be simple and un-mystical.  A natural makeup application can be just that, natural. It can provide subtle changes in color to the complexion improving the appearance of its health where before its application the pallor of the skin was pasty and unwholesome looking.  To prevent cosmetic pigments from looking artificial the makeup wearer can use a special stippling technique to rapidly restore color tone but not to entirely conceal the luminous quality of the flesh underneath as opposed to keeping everything hidden under wraps. Half the mastery of makeup comes from what the makeup wearer does not do.

Enhancement makeup allows us to recreate ourselves, over-and-over again.  It can command attention or it can be used to distract it.  Makeup artists are like magicians because they deceptively play with appearances using cosmetics to only let those who observe us see what we want them to see.  It is all about perceptions and simple fixes to get people to become aware of and discern specific facial features that would ordinarily escape their notice or attract it.

Make up with all its value should always be considered optional.  When it becomes less than artistry and more of an addiction than fun, it ceases to fulfill its purpose which is one that should always support the attributes of the woman who chooses to wear it with relaxing regularity.

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Good Morning Everyone,

When we encounter a woman who has natural beauty – we take in her effect and savor her special character.  You probably noticed that she seems to glide rather than walk.  Another distinctive feature one cannot miss is the way she appears to be aligned with all the intricate rhythms around her. If you have known such a woman, then you have most likely experienced the pleasure of her beauty.  If you’re lucky enough you will be exposed to an aura of mystery and enchantment that accompanies her everywhere she goes. 

There are so many ways to subconsciously assume her identity. Perhaps, she is your aunt, your friend or your third grade teacher.  Maybe she is your daughter, your mother or the next door neighbor.   Although she seems to stand apart and above all others, we may never be able to fully appreciate her beauty.

Her beauty is not glamorous, it’s modest, but that is what makes it so rare. The natural beauty knows how to work with what she’s got. The naturalness of her beauty is timeless and her age is difficult, if not impossible, to determine. It has an enduring quality; she knows how to compensate for the passing years and makes good use of her maturity. While other’s beauty has long worn away by the drastic changes associated with aging, her attractiveness just continues to grow, with each and every decade, even though she is transformed by time her beauty emulates from the inside outward.

If someone were to ask you, you would have to say there is something invigorating about her.  You have probably noticed that few people can come in contact with her without walking away – fully energized by the encounter and no one really knows why for sure.  There are millions of natural beauties throughout the world.  If you focus your gaze into a mirror you may even catch a quick glimpse at one staring back at you.

Copyright©2010 All right reserved – Victoria L. Rayner

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