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We are born with many sensory based gifts associated with heighten awareness, but none can rival our ability to think up visual depictions of the things that we desire most and hold a sincere appreciation for in our lives. 

No matter what our financial status, whether we are rich or poor, being able to see the unseen by simply putting our imaginations to work results in a treasure trove of assets which makes us wealthy beyond any monetary measure.

When we imagine, we dream, and when we dream, we create a unique world of our own making where anything and everything is a possibility if we will just bring it to life by forming the idea of such imaginings as being real in our consciousness.

It does not matter if we have experienced the smell, the taste or the feel of a live sensation or not, all we have to do is be resourceful enough to ingeniously conjure up the image in as much of its splendor as we can possibly master at the moment.  

How astounding it is to know that as our thoughts have the ability to wind their way through the halls and imaginary corridors of our complex and highly creative minds, that there is always the possibility that we will, by some remote chance, come across a full fledge panorama of a fantasy we arbitrarily envisioned as we mentally turn a make-believe corner and find ourselves jubilant by what we come upon. 

 Regardless, of the probability of our wish coming true, daydreaming will always shine a ray of hope on impossible pleasantries that we choose to picture in our minds.

 As children we were put to task for allowing ourselves to become inattentive and distracted, but as adults we are considered invaluable members of collaborative teams if asked to contribute our sharp minds and insights to inventive projects  and uniquely devised presentations. 

The gift of imagery is an endowment that keeps on giving because it continues to come to our rescue again and again, by rising up from inside of us like a geyser that propels a stream of gushing water high into the air, gaily triggered by some spontaneous interval in what would otherwise be regarded as another humdrum day. 

Imagery provides us with a temporary intermission, relieving us of a nerve-racking instant caused by an intruding predicament that interferes with what would be a more harmonic aspect of our daily existence.  

“I was trying to daydream, but my mind kept wandering.  ~Steven Wright”

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