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We are the way.  We are the hope, and hope is eternal. Hope flows from an infinitum, and is maintained by the Supreme Force of the Divine.

The Divine is ceaselessly with us and within us, ever present and always available. It is part of all that is and forever will be.  

We must never forget that we are all an integral component of the Divine and, as part of the Divine, we hold the Power“The Divine Power of One,” and it is with this power that change is truly possible.  

We are responsible for the outcome of our future; after all, we are the world. Some of us believe it is too simple to be true, but it isn’t! 

There is still much that can be done and we are the ones who are charged with doing it – what we can, whenever we can, and everywhere we can.

We must not think, not even for a single minute, that when what we see is not working that it cannot in some way be modified, or that it is someone else’s responsibility to change the dynamic. 

In our heart of hearts, and in our souls, we know the truth, and more importantly, we know the way.  

Here is one small change we can all consider making.


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Quick Review:  of Saving the World, by Julia Alvarez

This true story takes place in 1803, it is about a Spanish doctor who crossed the Atlantic with twenty-two orphan boys—all live carriers of the smallpox vaccine—to inoculate the population of Spain’s American colonies. Accompanying them on the two-year voyage was a mysterious woman, the rectoress of the orphanage.  Alvarez, the author of the book, whose husband at the time was working with an organization committed to eradicating AIDS in developing countries, travels to the Dominican Republic and when his life is threatened, it is Isabel’s strength (the woman in this novel) inspires Alma’s unexpected heroic action. It is here that the radiant stories of two women swept up in campaigns against the scourges of their day come together to evoke change.

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 “A single sunbeam is enough to drive away many shadows”
— St. Francis of Assisi

We Get Involved For Many Reasons, Here Are Just A Few

  • We get a sense of bonding and connectedness
  • We want to make a difference
  • It allows us to stop and take time for some of the little things that really matter

  • Self-pride
  • The euphoric feeling it gives us

  • Hopefulness
  • It is our innate nature to give
  • Our faith and personal convictions

  • Generosity
  • Compassion
  • Our empathetic natures

  • Our belief in what can be as opposed to what is
  • For what we get back which is often so much more than we give

  • Our insistence in wanting to witness change and knowing that if we really try and succeed we can often help make good things happen
  • Our determination to see others happy and comfortable
  • Feelings of commonality

  • Because of the values we were raised with
  • And the other outside influences that have helped to mold and shape us into caring individuals
  • An inner willingness to want to pitch in and do what is possible

  • Understanding that one person can turn some situations around if he or she just attempts to do so
  • Because we like to think of ourselves as being dependable and responsible to others

  • Because we are sensitive to the special needs of others
  • Often times we are available to listen and express empathy when others are not

  • We like to be involved when we can and have no issues with lending a hand to someone in need
  • We have a natural desire to want to see things improve for others
  • We know how important our participation can be and what it can mean to people in need

  • Extending ourselves to others helps us to discover a whole other side of who we are
  • Volunteering has a way of enriching our lives in ways we sometimes could never imagine

  • It gives us a chance to support our communities
  • We gain a great sense of accomplishment from our volunteer actions
  • Our volunteerism allows us to come in contact with many like-minded individuals

We care for many reasons but most of all for the inner satisfaction we get from knowing our knowledge and talents are useful, and that we are truly needed.

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