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Clarification of the factors leading to “Makeup Artistry Intelligence

  • Entering into domain of more complex aesthetic concepts
  • Preponderance of problematic obstructions to aesthetic enhancements
  • Plentitude of cosmetic artistry knowledge
  • Social propensity –  emotional challenges
  • Warmth and control

Social Considerations of Aesthetic Conversion

Practitioners of Cosmetic Science

  • Taking profile readings and gauging temperature of client
  • Providing pathways for the attainment of personal enhancement / beauty personification in the physical realm
  • Assistance in bridging new states of identity – discovery and reflection
  • Strong sense of involvement
  • Hyper-sensitivity to unseen phenomena
  • Evaluation of subject’s expectations
  • Mindfulness of makeup subject’s concerns
  • Harsh scrutiny and submission

 Awareness of subject’s emotional stages and dynamics involved when moving toward greater self-acceptance

  • Adaptation to invisible forces of resistance involved in aesthetic transformation
  • Consideration of client’s self-appraisal of cosmetic enhancement
  • Helpful persuasion and positive reinforcement
  • Outgrowth observed
  • Triumph of treatment
  • Admiration of facial façade
  • Ultimate value attainment

Technical Approaches and Solutions Analyzed

  • Effect of different colors
  • Textures and tones
  • Technical precision – control over implements and cosmetic aids
  • Understanding of facial plane
  • Bringing order to disorder of facial features
  • Taking counter measures to neutralize imperfections
  • Attention to straight and right angles
  • Recognizing limitations of makeup artistry until it translates into effective learning exercise
  • Building up of subject’s technical skills through a well thought-out sequence of competencies
  • Assurance of transference of cosmetic talents and technical expertise

Treatment Complete

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Working with persons who have embarrassing scars who seek to hide their appearance requires very specialized knowledge and specific transferrable strategies. First and foremost, this type of makeup specialist would want to anticipate what unexpected challenges their patients might encounter. Makeup is not considered rocket science but a good result depends on more than just the technical expertise of the practitioner and the cosmetics they use. What really matters is the implementation capability of the camouflage provider. A camouflage therapist’s cosmetic kit can be filled to the brim with tools and implements, literally jammed with the right brushes and applicators, mineral powders and cover creams and none of what this specialist may have on hand will get the job done. They can have all the latest approaches to conceal scarring and know how to recreate imperfections to counterbalance the healthy skin areas and, yet, everything could be for not. Cover cream palettes with toners and tints can be used to alter shades and create better color matches but all these items combined can be nothing more than a way to impress,  intimidate and overwhelm nonprofessionals. And, unless the makeup specialist who is performing the camouflage makeup activity has original and effective approaches that can be easily mimicked by his or her patients they are asking for trouble during their camouflage session. Unduplicatable treatment processes are unacceptable to persons and their physicians who are counting on the trained makeup specialist to transfer his / her skills to foster independence and to offer a sense of hope. Smart technicians who are world-renowned for their makeup expertise have written about the how-to’s for camouflaging skin irregularities for years, and still, in the drive for the perfect resolution, there is rarely the mention of the mental clarity required to do what it takes and how persons who will be performing day-to-day applications involving the use of the cosmetic aids involved need to be completely proficient in real-life practice. Without this essential element “implementation capacity,” all the details and nuances of the work are not truly feasible – making the corrective makeup solution no more than an unreliable aesthetic outcome. Camouflage makeup interventions are not considered practical if the person with the irregularity does not believe they can produce a similar result on a consistent basis for and by themselves.

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