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Good Sunday Morning,

Heart knowledge is the loving way we see people, situations and life in general. This distinction is crucial as it is required to experience the spiritual essence of all things. It is a divine form of energy that radiates from within us and that invites the vibrations of harmony peace, happiness and success.  It is how we acquire a higher estimate of life.  When we think with our heart we are filled with thankfulness. Heart thinking gives us a different perspective altogether for example: when things do not work out the way we feel they should and we allow ourselves to use our heart knowledge to answer why we stop blaming external circumstances and become aware of the reasons from within. When we tune into heart knowledge we realize our being is mostly light and any time we like we can dispel our insecurities. It opens new doors for us because it permits us to tap into the all-powerful spiritual presence inside ourselves – shaping us from within. 

The integration of heart knowledge combined with intellectual knowledge yields even more amazing benefits by allowing spiritual dynamism to flow through us and from us.  Thinking from the heart makes us begin to believe that what we can accept as true we can possibly attain.  This realization can work wonders in our life because it is a vision of healthy-mindedness that is eternal, immutable and forever enduring. 

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