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Here are just a few things that make life more worthwhile and truly fulfilling.  Take a look at this list, and consider adding your own ideas to it.

  • Boldness for undertaking risks when necessary
  • Courage to admit one’s mistakes
  • Enthusiasm that never tires
  • Positive results from efforts exerted
  • Unrestrained spirit

  • First-rate character
  • Greater reliance on the fundamentals of faith
  • Daily tasks easily performed with minimal loss of energy
  • Strong interpersonal skills

  • Remarkable natural gifts
  • Determination to overcome unimaginable hardships

  • Discernment
  • Practical personality characteristics
  • Prudence in one’ s affairs
  • Strong lifelong friendship bonds

  • Close professional companionships
  • Ongoing cooperation from those whose advice is occasionally necessary
  • Honest answers from sincere sources with no ill-will intended
  • Sparks of natural genius

  • Broad array of interests
  • Adequate turnaround time after devastating setbacks
  • Enough stimuli to prevent boredom
  • Everyday learning environments
  • An adventurous spirit

  • Expeditions to new frontiers
  • Adherence to inner timetable
  • Positive trade-offs for unforeseen tragedies
  • Self-reliance

  • Good working knowledge of euphemisms
  • Avenues for personal development
  • Passion for professional projects
  • The ability to make the most unworkable circumstances work

  • Levels of mastery over elective leisure pursuits
  • Opportunities to positively influence others through role modeling

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