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Receivers and Transmitters of Beauty

Many people believe that beauty resides in the center of a good soul. Traditionally, beauty has been said to be in the eyes of the beholder (the receiver who looks for beauty,  is likely to encounter it ). Beauty carries with its own vibration, meaning there is a frequency that is attached to it.

Beauty is its own life force and as such it contains its own energy and those who recognize it  are the receivers of its energy and when they release it through their appreciation of it,  they become transmitters of beauty.  Like all elements of light and energy, beauty has reflective qualities. It omits an aura through its own vibration that is subconsciously experienced by those who are in agreement with it.

When we encounter people, places and things that we perceive as beautiful, we often feel lighter and more jovial.  Depending upon what it is that we interpret as beauty, the impression it leaves on us can vary from extremes in excitement, to a soothing sense of internal serenity.

We may not all see the same redeeming value attached to the things we identify as beautiful but we certainly know when we have witnessed it, and when its residual effects are experienced by us and we are touched by it, we are in some way, never the same.

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Hello There,

The first aspect we notice when we encounter a beautiful person is the awareness that we are in the presence of someone uniquely interesting – if only visually.  Beauty is subjective and depends upon the beholder, his or her interpretations, presuppositions and aesthetic theories. Beauty is dependent on the presentation of certain elements that one selects and that he or she thinks are worthy of further inspection because beauty merits closer scrutiny.  After all, it is an integral matrix, a richness of many physical components that must come together in a harmonious balance to delight us.  When we come across beauty we endlessly try to comprehend it.  Beauty is loaded with reflective associations. 

Beauty has many facets and functions. It carries with it many potentialities to enjoy it, to love it and to try to imitate it.   After seeing natural beauty, our own good looks which are the result of endless efforts, seem scarcely adequate. 

People value their beauty currency – it is as good as gold.  The situation in real life is that it is better to be beautiful than repulsive looking even though there is a lot more to a human’s story than just the beauty associated with their image.   Some women no matter how hard they try, they will never have the experience of being incredibly beautiful, and it cannot be easy or satisfying coming to grips with the truth.  They are who they are, and, they are just not gorgeous, no matter what they wear or, how well they wear it. The fortunate ones recognize their own special brand of beauty and embellish on it, however defined, and the others, they strive to achieve the unattainable and suffer inferiority leaving them feeling far from adequate the majority of the time.

Later in life, as we age, we may go to great lengths to hold onto our beauty.  Indeed, a mark of mature attractiveness seems to be the range and extent that we will go to in order to maintain its ideal.  For some people nothing less than surgical interventions will work to synthesize the gradual changes in their physical form over the years to reconcile their outer reality.  A calculated risk, but one most people do not mind taking, since they end up, rather pleased with the results.

There are enormous social implications attached to beauty. Everyone likes to be around the beautiful and so, it appears, beauty has its practical applications.  It sure helps to beat the odds on life.  The following are just some of the aesthetic factors that contribute immeasurably to beauty:

  • Good teeth
  • Beautiful hair
  • Gorgeous complexion
  • Soft skin with good color tone
  • Long thick eyelashes
  • Vibrant eye color
  • Well proportioned facial features
  • Well-toned figure
  • Long legs
  • Ample breasts
  • Small waist
  • Full lips
  • Attractive hands
  • Healthy nails
  • Tantalizing toes
  • Stylish taste in clothing and accessories
  • A natural sensuous scent

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Hello Everyone,

I was very fortunate to grow up with an elegant and sophisticated grandmother who used to say to me that aging, allows us to gather up a whole lifetime of female powers to become (if we so desire) an enchantress.  She was a charming and a delightful woman who seemed to cast spells on everyone who had the pleasure of her acquaintance.  Her beauty was full of possibility which called into question the downside of growing older.  To the world she left a legacy of a woman who represented the allure of the 1920s glamour that few of us living today have seen.  She obeyed no natural laws of aging preferring instead to reinvent her image for every occasion. My grandmother was an original.  She was a stunning sensation of San Francisco society life.  For many years she was a grand entertainer. She had a penchant for using the city’s most prestigious hotels as a backdrop for her trendy parties and lavish get-togethers.  As a mature woman she was the happiest she had ever been in her life. Her life as I recall it was a hub for continuous excitement.  Growing up with her was special because she made every passing moment special.  She was a dream and all her friends loved her because she could make the simplest event uniquely memorable.  Everyone courted her favor. Out of everyone I have ever known, she more than any other one woman, was an inspiration to me.  Years passed and to me she remained ageless. My grandmother lived well into her 90s.  Even in her last years she held her mystique and a touch of youth remained with her. Her hand grasp was firm, she still beamed and her eyes danced with light. Her smile was warm and inviting and her laugh still infectious.  Despite the fact that age had come upon her and she was a little inattentive and a little vague, all of us who came before her, just gushed in her company.  I have reflected on her beauty so many times. Remembering, how she intermingled her charm and wit with her own special signature attractiveness.  Grandmother’s world was a world of beauty and graciousness, a place that did not allow the entrance of bitterness, personal regrets or frustration. She celebrated aestheticism.  She bewitched everyone with her imagination which she used to entice us to leave our unkind thoughts behind while in her midst.    Never, did my grandmother, despite the physical ravages of her terminal illness, in her final months of life, did she agree to close the doors of hope that she could not remain a timeless icon of beauty and a personification of loveliness.  

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Good Morning,

As aesthetic experts, promoting beauty as a benefit for others is not new, but exploring all the ways in which we can use it to our advantage is always worthy of our consideration.  If we want to excel socially and, I dare say, professionally, then we must use our beauty as a platform to inspire the right reactions. Beauty has its price but it also has its privileges. Thinking beautiful is resourceful. It helps put us in the mindset where our clear aim is to freely create beauty without feeling inhibited.  Beauty is a marker with which our clients / patients like to identify. Everyone enjoys beauty because it is pleasurable to look at and people who are beautiful usually are the center of attention. Projection is 9/10ths of beauty and is worth learning more about.  Thinking critically about our beauty and criticizing ourselves stops us from ever experiencing our beauty.  Each of us has many points of beauty but we must be honest with ourselves about what these indicators of beauty really are.  Ideally, we all need to know our beauty strengths and work toward enhancing them.  Beauty is an ongoing process that involves reaching our highest aesthetic potential.  To be beautiful we must be highly motivated.  We must focus our minds on observing beauty and allow ourselves to be enthused by it. Most of us underuse our power to create beauty.  We do not engage in all the things we need to do to reflect beauty.  We get stuck in antiquated patterns of beauty and resist updating our appearance as much as we should.  Beautiful people recognize the need to continually develop their beauty and invest in it year after year. They set time and financial resources aside with which to do so.  As we age, we need to ask ourselves what aspects of our physical maturity are affecting our beauty and, decide how we want to modify them. We learn to seek out the appropriate beauty support with which to help us explore beauty options and to find avenues with which we can use to improve on our sixth sense of beauty. Like other manifestations of human culture, beauty is subjective.  Thanks to beauty experts we can indulge ourselves and arrive at a beauty conclusion that satisfies our own personal urge to be more beautiful.  Feeling beautiful fulfills our inner-desire to be stylishly attractive and make a visual impact on those with whom we come in contact. Beauty, however, can never be solely attributed entirely to its outward show.  It is our beauty personality that completes the aesthetic imagery we create that supersedes beauty’s limits.  Our charm pushes through its restrictions to beam messages of beauty that remain in the unconsciousness of all those who are sensitive to the splendor of our true loveliness. 

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Good Morning Everyone….

The aesthetic healing mindset is one that acknowledges the curative effects of beauty that are all around us each, and, every day. In order to realize our beauty potential we must be able to draw from this universal understanding of beauty extending beyond the boundaries of our mirrors.  Connecting with the majestic things in life not only enhances our appearance because when we are quite and serene our facial features soften and our body movements relax, making our gestures more graceful, but just looking past ourselves can be very therapeutic.   

All too often, our preoccupation with our own image prevents us from seeing beyond our own reflection and how limiting is that?  Our appearance changes when a stranger approaches us in the street and gives us an unexpected smile or nod of acknowledgement. A smile from someone we have never met tells us that there is something inside of us that is so beautiful that it resonates outward inviting the tenderness of a glance and silent wishes of goodwill. Our appearance is always affected by external forces of beauty that aid us in appearing more attractive. Imagine how beautiful you could feel if you had the opportunity to stand in an open field amidst your favorite flowers or, to watch a sunset from your favorite shoreline. This beauty would undoubtedly be captured in your eyes and in your facial expression.  This morning as you prance and preen in front of your mirror dressing for your day, think about the things in your world that signify true unabated beauty and share these thoughts with us all – by declaring your acknowledgement of beauty and projecting it outward. Leave this healing impression you conjure up on others as you pass them and go through your daily routine rituals.  Utilize the power of beauty– it’s everywhere just waiting to be recognized by you.  Allow yourself to be touched by it today!

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