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Receivers and Transmitters of Beauty

Many people believe that beauty resides in the center of a good soul. Traditionally, beauty has been said to be in the eyes of the beholder (the receiver who looks for beauty,  is likely to encounter it ). Beauty carries with its own vibration, meaning there is a frequency that is attached to it.

Beauty is its own life force and as such it contains its own energy and those who recognize it  are the receivers of its energy and when they release it through their appreciation of it,  they become transmitters of beauty.  Like all elements of light and energy, beauty has reflective qualities. It omits an aura through its own vibration that is subconsciously experienced by those who are in agreement with it.

When we encounter people, places and things that we perceive as beautiful, we often feel lighter and more jovial.  Depending upon what it is that we interpret as beauty, the impression it leaves on us can vary from extremes in excitement, to a soothing sense of internal serenity.

We may not all see the same redeeming value attached to the things we identify as beautiful but we certainly know when we have witnessed it, and when its residual effects are experienced by us and we are touched by it, we are in some way, never the same.

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