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New Age and Alternative medicine healers are all about recognizing the body’s higher energies, controlling flow and proper balancing of life force.  Their intention is to assist others with their development by inspiring their own awareness, which ultimately, leads to a healthier life style and overall personal transformation.    Healing touch providers perceive the body in five ways:

  • As a spiritual body
  • Mental body
  • Emotional body
  • Etheric  body
  • Physical body

Healing techniques which are called energy healing include but are not limited to: Healing Touch, Reiki, Polarity Therapy, Bioenergy, Sakara, to name just a few.  The common denominator of all these healing applications is that the healing provider works with one or more of the client’s own energy fields or patterns to reinstate proper equilibrium and concurrence on many levels to promote physical healing.

To be a healing touch healer one has to understand the inner nature of their own actuality – who and what they are.  They must know with absolute certainty, that they have the healing instinct even when they are unsure what exactly they are called to do with it or, before they are essentially trained in how to use it.  This, awareness is essential for their further development as a novice energy-based healer so as they have a platform with which they can build on their natural intuitive abilities to become a well-qualified provider of healing touch applications.  A person who has decided to travel a healing path has to have a certain sense about who they are before they can be effective in the healing self-care and lives of others.

The way a professional with a healing spirit relates to the body is through sensing its energy fields.  To perpetuate healing he/she must modulate and manipulate one or more of the different energy bodies.  Some providers not only sense the subtle energy of the body but they can also see the overall shape of the person’s aura as well as any negative disturbances in these energy patterns (life forces) that might be the cause of a blockage – http://www.google.com/images?um=1&hl=en&client=firefox-a&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&tbs=isch:1&q=chakra&revid=15631507

There are more than a few techniques that fall under the heading of energy-based healing. A good deal of the time the person performing the techniques is being guided by spiritual inclination and not by a specific set of hand movements although; the training is highly structured and, not random in its practices and principles.

Healing touch (HT) energy-based treatments cover 30 integrated techniques practiced by a whole host of caregivers from: holistic physicians, nurses, multi-disciplined health care professionals and even lay persons who are trained in this healing practice.  The interventions include care for:

  • Mental well-being
  • Debilitating stress and various levels of nervous tension
  • Illness prevention
  • Management of sorrowfulness
  • The control of throbbing, stabbing or, chronic pain
  • Neck and back discomfort
  • Fear and apprehension
  • Wound care
  • Fracture healing

Therapeutic administrations are performed by a light touch to the body or by re-patterning the energy field a few inches above the body.  This care can be offered anywhere and is not restricted to a healing table but can also be given to persons sitting in a chair or to individuals who are bedridden.  What is most significant is that for the treatments to be complete the emotional and mental patterns of the person being cared for have to be addressed by the person as well. In other words, how a person feels and thinks about themselves and others is a strong determinant as to the efficacy of the treatment and its outcome.

Healing touch came into its own with the efforts of Janet Mentgen, RN, BSN, who was invited by her peers to develop the program, Batie, D. Howard, “Awakening the Healer Within” (2000) Llewellyn Publications.  In 1989 Mentgen was honored as holistic nurse of the year by the Holistic Nurses Association. Healing Touch was offered as a pilot program at the University of Tennessee and in Gainesville, Florida. In 1990 it became a certificate program of the American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA) – primarily for nurses. The techniques of Healing Touch are continued to be supported and became endorsed by the American Holistic Medical Association mostly for holistically oriented medical doctors.   The educational resources were available from the AHNA to develop Mentgen’s vision http://healing.about.com/od/famoushealers/p/mentgen.htm with her material into sequenced, multilevel workshops and comprehensive training sessions.

The widespread worldwide interest in HT resulted in certification in other countries.  A separate credentialing authority was required, and Healing Touch International, Inc. was formed in 1996 for quality uniformity standards.  http://www.biofieldbalancing.com/healing-touch.html

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The application of cosmetics is an effort that is very personal.  The makeup wearer uses their face as a canvas to create an atmospheric image with a variance of intended effects.  The ease of use and the versatility of makeup as a medium for self-expression render it worth all the exertion required.  Makeup applications represent a combination of techniques, each of which presents its own rewards.  Carefully chosen applicators and tools aid the process.

Layer by layer makeup brings out the feminine by exposing the outer appearance of womanliness. Imperfections disintegrate right before the observer’s eyes with a few strokes of a brush in multi directions.  Makeup in large part is all about fantasy, no woman is ever quite as perfect as she can make herself with a few minor alterations here and there to conceal faults.  

Few of us are gifted with perfect symmetry. Contour and highlighting techniques create balance and proportion, illusions that both veil and reveal.  The results honor the act by allowing what does not exist to appear real. Makeup provides us with the opportunity to be attractive and on occasion – it satisfies our longing to become beautiful. In such instances, makeup is nothing less than a shortcut to a miracle.

Makeup is a catalyst that ignites the inner fire of a woman bringing to the surface her more sensual nature allowing her to take on undertones of the Greek Goddess of love and beauty Aphrodite, with shades of sexiness a mere suggestion rather than openly stated.  Lipstick for example signifies romance by bringing fullness to the lips and liner mystery to the eyes, in most cultures makeup is ritually worn throughout courtship. The wearing of cosmetics create more vivid stimuli, completing the women bringing forth an aesthetic totality to her physical presentation personifying the vital forces contained within her. 

Makeup can also be simple and un-mystical.  A natural makeup application can be just that, natural. It can provide subtle changes in color to the complexion improving the appearance of its health where before its application the pallor of the skin was pasty and unwholesome looking.  To prevent cosmetic pigments from looking artificial the makeup wearer can use a special stippling technique to rapidly restore color tone but not to entirely conceal the luminous quality of the flesh underneath as opposed to keeping everything hidden under wraps. Half the mastery of makeup comes from what the makeup wearer does not do.

Enhancement makeup allows us to recreate ourselves, over-and-over again.  It can command attention or it can be used to distract it.  Makeup artists are like magicians because they deceptively play with appearances using cosmetics to only let those who observe us see what we want them to see.  It is all about perceptions and simple fixes to get people to become aware of and discern specific facial features that would ordinarily escape their notice or attract it.

Make up with all its value should always be considered optional.  When it becomes less than artistry and more of an addiction than fun, it ceases to fulfill its purpose which is one that should always support the attributes of the woman who chooses to wear it with relaxing regularity.

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It is difficult sometimes to make sense of the aesthetic industry with all that it seemingly has to offer us. There is such a vast array of career choices to make.  We may decide to work as a solo practitioner and open up our own entrepreneur concern or we may end up partnering with a peer in a full-fledged salon or therapeutic spa. We can join a group of professionals in a laser clinic or take a job in a hospital setting.  Some of us will teach and others will opt to consult.

It is a profession that brings us in touch with other women, giving us lots of opportunities to socialize with female clients and other aesthetic providers.  Our work allows us to put into practice our care giving routines that we develop specifically for men who are challenged with adult acne and other problematic skin conditions that draw them to our gender-specific products and services. 

It is a profession that demands that we stay current which is not too much of an issue since the majority of progressive treatment providers have a willingness to learn and keep on learning. There are numerous conferences and post-graduate courses to attend – one or two a month to select from.  More than a few of these academic venues offer continuing education credits.  The advantage of the training is that it keeps us aware of all the new formulations and adaptive devices for aesthetic treatment interventions.  New publications are always being written and there are webinars along with distance education courses for us to take if we like.

We can combine our licensing with other areas of expertise to increase our wage earning capabilities.  Over the past decade we have made it possible to combine the fundamental skills of massage therapy with aesthetics interests and many nurses, nurse practitioners and physician assistants have entered the field.  The influx of these professionals and many others from multiple disciplines are bringing new life into the aesthetic field which is what is attributable to all the changes we are seeing such as new competences, mastery of applications and greater control over the development of therapeutic formulations.

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I have placed just a few interesting videos and websites that may be of interest to you below. 

Want to learn more about invasive and noninvasive procedures and information to pass on to your clients and patients visit http://www.americanhealthandbeauty.com/AboutUs.asp The idea behind this site is an online magazine designed to provide the latest news and information (a wealth of non-biased information) that is easily navigated. American Health and Beauty is owned and operated by American Health and Beauty, LLC. in Sugar Land, Texas. The website’s founder and CEO Keith Veseleny – first originated the concept for medical marketing on the internet in 1998 as an information source for people interested in learning about LASIK surgeons.

The idea behind this site DermStore is to create an Internet presence in which a dermatologist Craig A. Kraffert, M.D. a board certified dermatologist with degrees in biochemistry and cell biology from the UCLA School of Medicine who graduated with honors and who studied dermatology at the University of Miami and his clinical aesthetician – Meagan answer concerns about various skin conditions. On this site you can inquire and get answers about a variety of recommended formulations  http://www.dermstore.com/questions.htm

Ever wonder about the questions on the National Advanced Practice  examination, a licensure examination for AP Micropigmentation, which is developed and administered by the National-Interstate Council of State Boards of Cosmetology (NIC)? This Candidate Information Bulletin includes the content outline covered by the NIC National Advanced Practice Micropigmentation examination, sample questions and answers. The time allowed for the Advanced Practice Micropigmentation written examination is 90 minutes. Visit their site and check it out. http://www.nictesting.org/CIBs%20illustrations%20instructions%20forms/English/WrittenCIBS/CIB%20English%20written%20Advanced%20Micropigmentation.pdf

 The Look Good Feel Better Campaign video that begins with this 6 minute video. It will take you inside of workshops. http://www.lookgoodfeelbetter.org/general/videos.htm

 How about an image transformation video (an aesthetic motivational tool) you can share with your clients and patients who are engaged in the struggle with weight loss?  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PHi36TUSKpM  

 This video contains information on bio-identical hormones explaining why they are important for us to know about.  Hot Flashes, mood swings, things that happen while going through the change of life and, did you know it’s because your hormones are out of whack?  Dr. Allison Pontius, a triple Board Certified physician, explains why it is important for both men and women to know about bio-identical hormones.


 This is a site that gives an overview of what it takes to become an aesthetician and beauty care professional http://education-portal.com/aestheticians.html  In addition, there are articles and information related to salary considerations.  There are also all kinds of specialized programs and schools by degree level.

 Ever wonder what a medical doctor’s educational background entails? This site offers a video that explores not just a physician’s background but also what it is to be a medical aesthetician.  http://degreedirectory.org/multimedia/What_Does_a_Medical_Aesthetician_Do_-_Video.html

Copyright©2010 All right reserved – Victoria L. Rayner

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