For as long as I can remember, I have always been able to predict with vivid imagery, a certain amount of accuracy of  future events.  At first, I just thought it was just a mere coincidence, an occasional probability, but after a while I begin to notice that I would frequently have very specific hunches and whatever it was that was emerging through my subconscious intuition would eventually, come to pass, which was immensely encouraging because I had dramatic evidence that supported my mental visions.

Over the years only a few of my closet friends have been made aware of my intuitive powers and will sometimes ask me to predict an outcome of a future event for them.  If I work at it I can get a strong indication of what could come about, but I am cautious since my vision can be tainted; I find that I want to give my friends evidence that will help meet their highest expectations as opposed to what may in fact, be just the opposite conclusions.  As a result, I keep a lot of my revelations to myself until the natural course of events is unveiled and discovered by them.

It seems that as I mature my range of future knowledge about people, places and things has become more instinctual to me and I find myself more trusting of my intuitive feelings. I know that if I perceive something before it actually manifests it is because there are many psychic clues along the way to what eventually appears evident long before its time. 

I am far from alone; there are many people who I have met throughout my lifetime who have shared their memories, dreams and their own special reflections relating to precognition.  One thing all people with future sight have in common is that after a while we all start to detect similar patterns in our awareness and if we choose to take them seriously, sooner or later, we increase our abilities through recognizing the value of our visions and following our insights.

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Every one of us has the capacity to tap into our supernatural intelligence in order to better recognize what is of great spiritual consequence and soulful in another person.  Although, some people require greater contemplation, once we have mastered the capability to see what is best in a person we begin to experience a six sense with which we can use to detect their otherworldly qualities.

The instant spiritual connection we make with others comes from our intuitive aptitude about people.  Honoring all that is good in a person and thinking of him or her as a gift in this world is what makes us more instinctually aware a person’s spiritual qualities even if they themselves are not in touch with the pure goodness that lies within them.

This ability to sense in others what is not so readily apparent to most upon a first encounter is of tremendous value when interfacing with the spiritual personhood of an unfamiliar being. Unfortunately, it seems as if the majority of people have become too desensitized to instantly determine the reflection of another person’s unearthly attributes, fears surrounding fragile egos is generally the most common barrier that comes between two souls.  

Other self-protections contribute to mortal walls of division which also keep spirits apart; issues such as, preoccupation with being judged, for example, gives us a misread on people or if we neglect to lend them our full, undivided attention, we fail to be rewarded with a glimpse into their true intuitive natures.


Recognizing a person’s soul and connecting with their spirit is not contingent on whether or not we like a particular individual’s personality.  If we are capable of getting a take on a person’s spirit it cannot be masked by the other person’s abruptness to us. 

Just as is the case with personalities, some spirits are more receptive to us than others, but an encounter with another being’s soul is unmistakable; the experience always leaves us feeling euphoric because of the energy associated with the duality that occurs.  

Interfacing with another soul feels like we are engaged in a dance in which two of us are connected as one, and when the music stops, we feel redeemed by the richness of the positive appreciation that has been awarded to both of our spirits.  


There is a synergy that exists bringing a mutual insightfulness when spirits interface, intertwine and depart from one another’s company, inevitably, after the meet-up, we are forever changed by the ethereal sensation we experienced because the memory of the encounter remains stored in our spiritual psyche.

“When a soul knows without a doubt that it cannot be separated from its Source, that it cannot be damaged in any way by the actions of another, it will be truly free in its human experience. Fear and love cannot co-exist. Freedom is a choice. Peace is a state of mind. Love is all there is.” (Low, Karen, Exploring the Fear in the Akashic Records.)

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Flow is a state of great tranquility and improved power of the mind. 

  • Optimal writing experience
  • Devoid of multi-tasking actions, involvement in repetitive tasks or any thoughts whatsoever of ongoing efforts
  • A low (in fact) no, anxiety mood
  • Pure childlike, unadulterated mindset (without any type of agenda) complete – JOY
  • Being totally absorbed in task – in a hypnotic state, when you become as one with your undertaking
  • Sense of effortless action
  • Complete immersion in the experience
  • Total enjoyment
  • Tuned –in and zoned-out
  • Day dreamy
  • Relaxed – with no distractions, no distress
  • Wave like pattern of processing – in a way it could be compared to body surfing

Where it has been experienced before –

  • During sports activities
  • While reading
  • When watching a movie
  • When singing in a choir
  • Playing with an animal
  • Interactive session with an infant

When it Occurs –

  • If a task is not too easy (too boring and / or redundant)
  • If a task is not too hard (intimidating and anxiety producing)
  • Matching skills to performance demands

How to Transform the writing experience into an occurrence that invites the “flow” experience

  • Acknowledge what aspects of your writing project you are incomplete with
  • Detect why
  • Devise a plan to master weaknesses
  • Identify who or what can help end the struggle of writer’s block
  • Re-approach writing work by breaking it down into sizeable parts
  • Look for soundtracks of sophisticated musical arrangements that challenge the brain to make strange and unfamiliar associations for example an audio feed of: consistent knocking noises, oscillating humming sounds, monk-like chanting, whining sounds with steady pulsating beats, chiming, currents of flushing water or the whistling of wind blowing  to dispel all mundane thought patterns
  • In the culinary world, flow can be compared to simultaneously blending together a carefully composed composition of succulent flavors intended to enchantment the taste buds and please the penchant of the palate

In a Nutshell – the condensed version

  • Describe
  • Recognize
  • Plan
  • Provide
  • Assign
  • Avert
  • Master  

Another way of looking at Flow and its effect on writing

  • A clustering of intellectual impressions in our sphere of our attention
  • Rheumatic tempo synchronization
  • No barriers, no shortages, no stopping of creative ideas
  • A string of thoughts all in succession, connected by a universal force
  • Related thought arrangements that form a larger body of realization
  • Characteristic of what is and can be the best of our expressionistic repertoire
  • A distinctive sequence of sparkling ideas that burst forward
  • A creative well-spring that surges up from the deepest depths of our untamed imaginations and is vibrantly alive reflecting the pulsation of our inner spirit

Support – Assisted vocabulary

  • Unconventional input and nontraditional output
  • Target terms
  • Narrow or broader word variations
  • Mental retrieval
  • Different configurations
  • Blissful writing applications
  • Warmly wise

Laid-back Approaches to Writing

  • Valuable insights
  • Exquisitely said dialogue
  • Marvelous written work
  • Thinker toys
  • Theory X
  • In the spirit of synergy 
  • Intrinsic motivation
  • Words cannot fail me
  • Feeling the presence of a higher power
  • Unleashing the creative spirit

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New friends are like brightly wrapped gifts, by just looking at the package we can never be sure if what is inside is going to be

a real treasure.

It is difficult to make new friendships but necessary if we want to avoid social isolation, especially if we are extraverted personality types.  Inviting new people into our lives requires some serious social management if we want to circumvent connecting with the wrong types who are not in sync with our thoughts or our  ideas about life. 

No one wants to fail at their friendships because linking up with people takes time and energy and it is disheartening when our efforts are less than successful.  The important thing to remember is that our friends are merely on loan to us, and that from time-to-time people change, and so do we.

How to recognize when friendships are badly out of balance; here are some patterns to be on the lookout for:

a major disconnection between the two of you

mismatched geography making it difficult to get together

your plagued by boredom and distraction when you are in his or her company

there is resentment on the part of either one of you

when you discover disloyalty

or  insincerity

or there are changes in perceptions that you once shared

your friend demonstrates impatience with your schedule or with your life’s responsibilities

there is constant one-upmanship between the two of you

there are discrepancies in values

he or she utters anti-Semitic remarks

or racial smears

there are differences in your  ideals

something inside of you tells you that there is something missing in the relationship

he or she constantly exaggerates

you are subjected to constant gossiping

you notice other forms of unethical and unacceptable behaviors

When Not to End a Friendship

  • when the two of you engage in a heated debate or a highly spirited dialogue about something you both feel very passionate about but cannot agree on
  • when one of your friends is undergoing life changes such as: moving in with a lover, undergoing a divorce or planning a marriage, or in the process of giving birth to a new baby
  •  when there are sharp discrepancies in your social classes
  • when you discover personality traits that occasionally irritate you
  • when the criticism that is being directed at you is constructive and not intended to hurt or humiliate you

Possible Candidates for Friendships

  • neighbors
  • facilitators of seminars or workshops
  • coaches
  • wardrobe or interior designers
  • facialists
  • yoga or exercise instructors
  • concierge of local hotels or managers / owners of bed and breakfast establishments
  • people you volunteer with
  • friends of relatives or co-workers
  • members of your faith-based communities
  • community activists
  • dentist or dental hygienists
  • accountants
  • lawyers
  • boutique owners
  • people you meet while your golfing, playing tennis or swimming
  • Persons who attend the same sporting events
  • People you meet at book signings or museums or art showings
  • Individuals who you run into at local coffee shops or restaurants

Understanding our own feelings about the value of friendship is essential if we want to draw people to us that have the capacity to appreciate our inner nature and our special way of relating to others. We are all gifts to one another and at times, our presence in each other’s lives can be life changing, not to mention, in some instances, even life saving.   

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According to Jean Langlois, ScD, an investigator in epidemiology at the National Institute on Aging, Bethesda, MD, women over the age of 50 that lose a lot of weight are actually at greater risk of fracturing their hips.  In fact, the study showed that when women lost 10% of their weight or more after the age of 50 their chance of fracturing their hip more than doubled. As a precautionary measure, physicians recommend that women reach an optimal weight and stay at that size, taking into account, however, that heart disease associated with being overweight is even more dangerous than a hip fracture. 

Exercise is always good for reducing pounds and inches but did you know that women who participate in aerobic workouts up to three times per week have a lower risk of developing breast cancer.

Amazingly, anorexia is not an eating disorder that affects young women reports Paul L. Hewitt PhD, associate professor of psychology, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada.  Only 25% of the women who die from anorexia are overachieving, young women, in fact, the majority, four out of five, who lose their lives due to anorexia nervosa, are a shocking 45 years of age or even older.

Many women are closet smokers who use nicotine as a measure to control their appetites and because of this strategy suffer years later even after they have given up smoking because they are two to three times more likely to suffer from incontinence than those who never smoked cigarettes at all. Studies indicate that nicotine constricts the bladder, causing unintentional urine leakage. 

The foods mature women eat have a big influence on their overall health. Few women meet their calcium requirements says Ethel Siris, MD, professor of clinical medicine, College of Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia University, New York City. Bone thinning is grossly undiagnosed in women over 50. Women with low bone density suffer broken bones at twice the rate of those with normal bone density and those with osteoporosis, four times the rate.  The recommended intake of calcium for women 25 to 50 years of age is 300 mg of calcium, eight ounces of milk or yogurt.

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PSALM64 (63)

Hear my troubles God.

Keep me safe from terror,

guard me from hostile scams

and the rage of violence.


Enemies sharpen their tongues

and aim bitter words like arrows

To ambush the innocent

With a sudden brazen shot.


They polish their plans

Conceal their traps,

asking, “Who can see them?”

They hide the evil they plot

How devious the heart!


God shoots an arrow instantly they are struck.

God trips them on their own tongues.

All who see it tremble.


The whole world stands in awe, they talk of God’s work and

Ponder its meaning.

The just rejoice and find refuge in God. Honest hearts sing praise.

We dress for display purposes, attiring our secret selves in distracting costumes that are intended to enhance our silhouette or physique and make a good impression. We place attention on areas that we consider our physical attributes and downplay our less than attractive bodily features.  We like to select clothing that satisfies our need to express our originality and that communicates our moods socially. We pick out an outfit to wear, depending on our feelings at the time, the particular activities we will be engaged in, and the length of time we will be wearing the garment. A fabrics appeal varies but is always contingent on how the material fits our shape and our full-scale bodily proportions: the way in which it folds, creases, and its opaque qualities and if we are trying to conceal or reveal what lies immediately underneath.  Definition, contour and form are brought to light by the ability of the material to absorb rays where illumination intersects. It is most flattering where there is evenness and a broad flowing line, and where there are shadows there is curvature at the central point’s establishing the direction that observer’s eyes will travel.   Accessories rearrange proportions, add a touch of glamour or detail to our apparel by accenting a certain part of the garment making it more pronounced, ornate, interesting, thoughtful or tasteful in its appearance. 

To an untrained eye, a person’s clothing or individual style may be hard to distinguish but for the clothing connoisseur who views a person’s attire all in one glance,   the individual is perceived as a life size portrait, a human creation whose image is either pleasing or harmonious to his or her eyes or irritating and disconcerting.  Those of us, who are ultra sensitive to aesthetic compositions of any kind, cannot dismiss the distinctive rhythm of another person’s unique style as it reflects the expressive quality of the wearer.  The attire each of us chooses to wear when we venture out, visually signifies more than just our days clothing selection, it also exemplifies the energies of our spirit, along with the more soulful aspects of our intuitive persona.

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Today, I took a moment to revisit an era when we were a highly spirited society and I succumbed to the opportunity to read a vivid account portrayed in a book by Ralph Blumenthal entitled: The Stork Club.  Blumenthal wrote about America’s most famous nightclub and about times long gone but memories not forgotten. His accounts from yesteryear reflect a period of passion, pleasantry, elegance and legendary glamour and chronicle not just a lost world but the escapades of a spirited Café society.

After reading the prizewinning New York Times journalist’s book, I feel very nostalgic and inspired to share just a few of the more enchanting aspects of this marvelous writer’s work. His research and insights bring back some wonderful and rarefied times that provided a backdrop for a very hedonistic society. 

Here is just a glimpse of the speakeasy days and the Stork Club Nights –

  • Romance, wooing and notorious courtships
  • Pressed powder, ruby-red lipstick and expensive perfumes
  • Irresistible thrills
  • Excesses of pleasure and passion
  • Riveting entertainment
  • Glittering mansions and wealth
  • Quality liquor
  • Show business glamour
  • Ethereal lives of movie stars
  • Colorful, world-famous nightspots attended by regulars
  • Tablehopping
  • Supercharged personalities
  • Sounds of from the Jazz age
  • Sparkling nightclub singers
  • Bandleaders and their big band sounds
  • Gangsters holding court with macho solidarity
  • Bootleggers
  • Secret cellars
  • Prohibition raiders
  • Famous ball players
  • Uniformed doormen
  • The privileged
  • Paternity suits
  • Extravagant decorated “Ladies” Rooms
  • Slumbering until after 3:00 p.m.
  • Fanciful gourmet faire
  • Black and white souvenir photographs
  • Large apartments in luxurious neighborhoods
  • Business and political connections
  • Mysterious whereabouts
  • Gin rummy
  • Aging socialites nervously eyeing themselves in restaurant mirrors
  • Radiant made-up faces of young women
  • Promotional geniuses
  • Dashing and sporty men
  • Aura of high-society folks
  • Postwar boom
  • Boxers out of the army
  • Racketeers
  • Theatrics
  • Glowing tributes to days gone by
  • Legendary appeal
  • Cryptic smiles
  • Bellhops in snappy uniforms
  • Lines of taxis and limousines
  • Inherited family fortunes
  • Family scandals
  • Safe returns from overseas missions

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Marketing buzz words demonstrate considerable insight into the way we see the world today, what is of real consequence to us and by and large how we chose to be perceived as a society. They are ever constant but highly inconsistent since they change from season-to-season mainly because they are propelled into the social landscape by the articles we read and the images we view in magazines.  Their presence is so strong in our thought patterns and in our speech that when we utter these words they sound as if they are immutable facts of life rather than just forms of personal expression encouraged by a very persuasive marketing media engaged in commerce.  In this instance they have a potential for importance which is why they are included in our every day dialogue and are worth being theorized about.  This year’s hallmark words and phrases appear to be more intense and radiating much like the colors of cosmetics, fashion and design but by 2012 we will renounce their power and begin to move beyond their usage, replacing them for newer versions of vocabulary that we will then, banter about between us as we converse both socially, and professionally.

Here is a short list of some examples that define current buzz words and hip phrases:

  • Infallibility
  • Long lasting mediums
  • Power holding
  • Sumptuous
  •  Focusing in on the next generation
  • Transforming ideas
  • Unconventional therapeutic applications
  • Defiance
  • Crisp and fresh
  • Legendary
  • The beginning of new traditions
  • Making our voice heard
  • Bright and sparkling
  • Sleek
  • Femme soft side
  • Well put together   
  • Peeling back layers to reveal what is inside
  • New classic applications
  • New interpretations of impatience
  • Always
  • Implicitly
  • Instant effects
  • Edgy elegance
  • Standing tall
  • Mechanisms for empowering confidence  

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It is through our blessings to one another, our toasts made special by our celebrations, our measurements in percentages and through the sanctity of our prayers, that we all come together, become unified, and our lives are given their special meaning.


May we spring up like vegetables, have turnip-noses, radish cheeks, and carroty hair, and may our hearts never be hard, like those cabbages, nor may we be rotten to the core.

–          Daniel Webster


It’s around the table that friends enjoy the warmth of being together.

–          Old Italian Saying

“May the saints protect you,

And sorrow neglect you,

And bad luck to the one,

That doesn’t respect you.”  

“Here’s to the health of your enemies’ enemies!”


“May you never make an enemy

when you can make a friend

unless you meet a fox among your chickens.”

“To warm words on a cold day.”

May we part with our troubles to advantage.”

Toasts Uttered in Movies –

Here’s to our friends and… the strength to put up with them.

From “Four Seasons” film –  directed by Alan Alda

Don’t cry because it’s over.”

“Smile Because it Happened!”

Prayers –

 Our Father…. Eternal light, You want all creation to live in harmony, Grace us with the instruments of good works and the desire to use them to build Your kingdom among us. We pray this through Christ, and in the Spirit. Amen.

–          Benedictine Prayer  

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