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“We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once.” 
Friedrich Nietzsche

 There is nothing more enchanting than watching people dance; their spirit always seems to rise to the occasion. 


When the music starts one simply cannot sit still, every part of one’s being is affected.  

There are so many different moves to observe; at times it seems impossible to take them all in.


Dancing is an art form, one that satisfies a person’s desire to experience the freedom of openness.

It is difficult to view a ballet without feeling the dancer’s movements on a very personal level.

Tap dancing is enthralling and invigorating, whereas the Tango is just downright sexy.

And, what could be more sensuous than belly dancing?

Everyone knows that a good waltz can make one feel as if he or she has wings on his or her heels.

On with the dance! let joy be unconfined;
No sleep till morn, when Youth and Pleasure meet
To chase the glowing hours with flying feet.
~George Gordon, Lord Byron, Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage 

Sensational Scenes from More Than Memorable Moments of Dance

Scene From Film “Scent of A Woman”  

Scene From Scent of A Woman


Liza Minnelli’s performance in the movie “Cabaret”


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Youthful Dance Number


American Bandstand – Celebration of the 4 decades from 1950’s to 1990’s


 Quotes about Dancing


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I started thinking about writing this blog with one question in mind, what is dating about in 2011? I did a little research and came up with the following insights, I hope you will agree or share your comments with me on the subject:

Good Dating Judgment Comes From Experience and from Getting the Inside Scoop –

  • There are no “steadfast rules” anymore
  • Women are still battling stereotypes
  • Too many men are confused about their masculinity
  • Financials are a serious consideration in potential mating opportunities
  • Women are still looking for security over love but many still do not realize it
  • Men whether they admit it or not are looking to marry-up to improve their status
  • Women with children are not out of the dating game as much as they think they are
  • Some men actually prefer to work their way into a family unit rather than start one up from scratch
  •  Men like women to carry their own weight but don’t know how to express their preference
  • Men need to feel as if they are needed
  • Women are less in touch with their femininity and more about trying to meet marketing dictates about how they should look and act
  • Men know the difference and shy away from women who have to try too hard to be “pretty”

If you want to be a successful dating who to Stay Clear of the Following:

  • A person who falls in love too fast
  • A name dropper – someone who tries to overly impress you
  • Men or women who mistreat pets or who have no use for them
  • People who hates children or cannot be bothered by their presence even for a short time
  • Those who lives in a completely sterile environments devoid of any plants, flowers or any other signs of natural life
  • People who cannot mention having a good time without connecting enjoyment to substances such as: alcohol, recreational drugs or enormous amounts of rich food
  • Candidates who never want to introduce you to family or close friends
  • People who act awkward when you suggest that they meet your family and friends and make all kinds of excuses to avoid potential encounters
  • Shifts the conversation when you mention long-term plans of any sort
  • Speaks only of issues and concerns that involve him or her personally
  • Expects too much from you and resists turn taking
  • Wants to share intimate details about life way too soon in your relationship
  • Keeps talking about Ex’s and how he or she was victimized by them

 Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely.  ~Auguste Rodin

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New friends are like brightly wrapped gifts, by just looking at the package we can never be sure if what is inside is going to be

a real treasure.

It is difficult to make new friendships but necessary if we want to avoid social isolation, especially if we are extraverted personality types.  Inviting new people into our lives requires some serious social management if we want to circumvent connecting with the wrong types who are not in sync with our thoughts or our  ideas about life. 

No one wants to fail at their friendships because linking up with people takes time and energy and it is disheartening when our efforts are less than successful.  The important thing to remember is that our friends are merely on loan to us, and that from time-to-time people change, and so do we.

How to recognize when friendships are badly out of balance; here are some patterns to be on the lookout for:

a major disconnection between the two of you

mismatched geography making it difficult to get together

your plagued by boredom and distraction when you are in his or her company

there is resentment on the part of either one of you

when you discover disloyalty

or  insincerity

or there are changes in perceptions that you once shared

your friend demonstrates impatience with your schedule or with your life’s responsibilities

there is constant one-upmanship between the two of you

there are discrepancies in values

he or she utters anti-Semitic remarks

or racial smears

there are differences in your  ideals

something inside of you tells you that there is something missing in the relationship

he or she constantly exaggerates

you are subjected to constant gossiping

you notice other forms of unethical and unacceptable behaviors

When Not to End a Friendship

  • when the two of you engage in a heated debate or a highly spirited dialogue about something you both feel very passionate about but cannot agree on
  • when one of your friends is undergoing life changes such as: moving in with a lover, undergoing a divorce or planning a marriage, or in the process of giving birth to a new baby
  •  when there are sharp discrepancies in your social classes
  • when you discover personality traits that occasionally irritate you
  • when the criticism that is being directed at you is constructive and not intended to hurt or humiliate you

Possible Candidates for Friendships

  • neighbors
  • facilitators of seminars or workshops
  • coaches
  • wardrobe or interior designers
  • facialists
  • yoga or exercise instructors
  • concierge of local hotels or managers / owners of bed and breakfast establishments
  • people you volunteer with
  • friends of relatives or co-workers
  • members of your faith-based communities
  • community activists
  • dentist or dental hygienists
  • accountants
  • lawyers
  • boutique owners
  • people you meet while your golfing, playing tennis or swimming
  • Persons who attend the same sporting events
  • People you meet at book signings or museums or art showings
  • Individuals who you run into at local coffee shops or restaurants

Understanding our own feelings about the value of friendship is essential if we want to draw people to us that have the capacity to appreciate our inner nature and our special way of relating to others. We are all gifts to one another and at times, our presence in each other’s lives can be life changing, not to mention, in some instances, even life saving.   

Timing off? The Ebb and Flow of Friendships


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Today, I took a moment to revisit an era when we were a highly spirited society and I succumbed to the opportunity to read a vivid account portrayed in a book by Ralph Blumenthal entitled: The Stork Club.  Blumenthal wrote about America’s most famous nightclub and about times long gone but memories not forgotten. His accounts from yesteryear reflect a period of passion, pleasantry, elegance and legendary glamour and chronicle not just a lost world but the escapades of a spirited Café society.

After reading the prizewinning New York Times journalist’s book, I feel very nostalgic and inspired to share just a few of the more enchanting aspects of this marvelous writer’s work. His research and insights bring back some wonderful and rarefied times that provided a backdrop for a very hedonistic society. 

Here is just a glimpse of the speakeasy days and the Stork Club Nights –

  • Romance, wooing and notorious courtships
  • Pressed powder, ruby-red lipstick and expensive perfumes
  • Irresistible thrills
  • Excesses of pleasure and passion
  • Riveting entertainment
  • Glittering mansions and wealth
  • Quality liquor
  • Show business glamour
  • Ethereal lives of movie stars
  • Colorful, world-famous nightspots attended by regulars
  • Tablehopping
  • Supercharged personalities
  • Sounds of from the Jazz age
  • Sparkling nightclub singers
  • Bandleaders and their big band sounds
  • Gangsters holding court with macho solidarity
  • Bootleggers
  • Secret cellars
  • Prohibition raiders
  • Famous ball players
  • Uniformed doormen
  • The privileged
  • Paternity suits
  • Extravagant decorated “Ladies” Rooms
  • Slumbering until after 3:00 p.m.
  • Fanciful gourmet faire
  • Black and white souvenir photographs
  • Large apartments in luxurious neighborhoods
  • Business and political connections
  • Mysterious whereabouts
  • Gin rummy
  • Aging socialites nervously eyeing themselves in restaurant mirrors
  • Radiant made-up faces of young women
  • Promotional geniuses
  • Dashing and sporty men
  • Aura of high-society folks
  • Postwar boom
  • Boxers out of the army
  • Racketeers
  • Theatrics
  • Glowing tributes to days gone by
  • Legendary appeal
  • Cryptic smiles
  • Bellhops in snappy uniforms
  • Lines of taxis and limousines
  • Inherited family fortunes
  • Family scandals
  • Safe returns from overseas missions

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It is through our blessings to one another, our toasts made special by our celebrations, our measurements in percentages and through the sanctity of our prayers, that we all come together, become unified, and our lives are given their special meaning.


May we spring up like vegetables, have turnip-noses, radish cheeks, and carroty hair, and may our hearts never be hard, like those cabbages, nor may we be rotten to the core.

–          Daniel Webster


It’s around the table that friends enjoy the warmth of being together.

–          Old Italian Saying

“May the saints protect you,

And sorrow neglect you,

And bad luck to the one,

That doesn’t respect you.”  

“Here’s to the health of your enemies’ enemies!”


“May you never make an enemy

when you can make a friend

unless you meet a fox among your chickens.”

“To warm words on a cold day.”

May we part with our troubles to advantage.”

Toasts Uttered in Movies –

Here’s to our friends and… the strength to put up with them.

From “Four Seasons” film –  directed by Alan Alda

Don’t cry because it’s over.”

“Smile Because it Happened!”

Prayers –

 Our Father…. Eternal light, You want all creation to live in harmony, Grace us with the instruments of good works and the desire to use them to build Your kingdom among us. We pray this through Christ, and in the Spirit. Amen.

–          Benedictine Prayer  

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Everyone has their own experience of the 4th of July. In today’s blog I have placed a collection of some of the images that come to mind.  Enjoy!!!

Vivid Images of July 4th

Suggestions on How to Tap into the Fun of Independence Day Weekend!

  • A Day at Colonial Williamsburg


  • American Revolution course outline Universal Class 101


  • Revolutionary War Reenactment


  • What Should we be Celebrating on July the 4th


  • Attending a Blue Grass County Fair


  • A Look at some beautiful Amish Quilts


  • A Glimpse at an Antique Airplane Toy (Clip From Television Series Antique Road show)


  • Camping on 4th of July – check out the bear in the camp


  • We Have to Get Together This Summer


  • Remembering Summer Camp – teaching young people to overcome intolerance


  •  Summer Time is Pepsi time w/ Uncle Teddy


  • Attending a Fiddle Contest


  • Cub Scouts Parade


An Intriguing look at the Real George Washington


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Secrets are burdens in a sense because they rest with us, and when they do, we become sentinels who often feel that we are charged with the responsibility to guard the gates of discretion, whether we care to, or not.  Not all secrets are meant to be shared, in fact, most are not.

Secrets if revealed to the wrong person however, can cause all kinds of havoc and can hurt and humiliate people who are generally unaware of the undisclosed information and the impact it could have on their lives. Some people go to their grave harboring secrets, for whatever the reason they know that what they know should be kept “close to their vest” and not shared.

Family members and criminals keep secrets because if others were aware of the truth it might cause them problems.  Secrets that come out of nowhere are the worst, because they shock and throw people’s lives off balance.  It can take years for an unsuspecting person who is the victim of someone else’s secret to recover from the jolt of being told what is “really” happening. 

When a person finally learns that they have been deceived they feel foolish because they have been the object of trickery for such a long time without even realizing it. Usually, what compounds the hurt is that the people that they trusted the most are involved.  They wonder how they could have closed their eyes and ears to what should have been so obvious until it was accidently discovered.    

The best way to avoid being burdened with a secret is to avoid being told one.  If someone attempts to take you into their confidence, decline to be involved.  Secrets are not cheap, they come with a high price tag, and it is a revolving charge, one than can cost more than most of us want to pay.

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A life of guaranteed good fortune or invulnerability, by virtue of a charm or spell (Phrase Finder) http://www.phrases.org.uk/meanings/189900.html  The term “A Charmed Life” originates all the way back to Shakespeare’s Macbeth, 1605.


  Thou losest labour:
    As easy mayst thou the intrenchant air
With thy keen sword impress as make me bleed:
Let fall thy blade on vulnerable crests;
I bear a charmed life, which must not yield,
To one of woman born.

Shakespeare,W. (1605) Macbeth

Shakespeare used this phrase in Macbeth (5:8): “Let fall thy blade on vulnerable crests, I bear a charmed life, which must not yield to one of woman born.” In later years, the term was extended to anyone who narrowly escaped from danger or was similarly lucky. Retrieved from: A Charmed Life,  http://www.joe-ks.com/phrases/phrasesC.htm Phrases, Clichés, Expressions & Sayings.

How to know if you’re leading a charmed life, the characteristics of a charmed existence are as follows:

  • You bounce back quickly after a long bout with adversity
  • Not only do you have enough to eat but your meals are always satisfying, tasty and sumptuous
  • You are blessed with children and they respect and admire you as a person, not just as their parent
  • You forget all your cares when you dance and listen to upbeat music
  • You frequently sing or whistle a happy tune without even being aware that you are doing so
  • Your coworkers laugh at your jokes because they really do find them amusing
  • You enjoy the time you spend alone with yourself
  • You like the look of your home and frequently share it with friends whose company you cherish
  • You know you are fortunate to have transportation that you can depend upon and that offers you an opportunity to experience a sense of personal freedom
  • You have a rich and full spiritual life
  • You have hope when situations turn bleak and threatening
  • You have an appreciation for things that are aesthetic
  • You are a creative force in your own life and in the lives of others who recognize your gift to innovate
  • You play a musical instrument
  • You speak more than one language
  • You watch or engage in a sport that brings to you regular pleasure
  • You have people in your life that are kind and generous and treat you well
  • You wake up with energy and enthusiasm every day
  • You are a person who knows how to forgive and frequently does so
  • You have a natural inclination toward playfulness and lightheartedness
  • You excel at the majority of projects that you take on
  • You have a curious spirit and are always interested in the discovery of new facts and concepts and you integrate them into your life on a consistent basis
  • You have a healthy view of how you should look and feel at your age and are grateful for your attractiveness and wellness
  • You’re not a person who stays in a bad mood for an indefinite period of time, you know yourself and what you need to get out of a funk
  • Your colleagues think of you as an intelligent and industrious professional and often share their high opinions of you with others who are less observing of your attributes
  • You are loved dearly by a pet or two or more
  • When you are called upon to maintain self-control you have little problem acquiescing
  • Modesty is one of your strongest traits
  • People warm up to you right away and your never at a loss for friends or acquaintances
  • You are a practical person who has the where-if-all to handle whatever life hands out to you and the wisdom to make the best of your circumstances

When all is said and done,  a charmed life is nothing more or less than a life that is built around the practices and principles we wholeheartedly, believe in!


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It seems as if a few lucky people are just born with a gay lightness about them and a real zeal for life.  Because of their attitude, they think and behave very differently from most people; they exhibit a joyness that we rarely see.

  • They never appear to grow weary of traveling.
  • They see the world as an adventure just filled with scenic beauty.
  • They adapt to wherever they are.
  • They are as happy in the countryside as they are in the outskirts or in the heart of a city.

  • They like to be in the middle of the action but equally, enjoy relaxed atmospheres.
  • They take very little for granted.
  • They have very few health issues.
  • They have sunny dispositions and are great to be around.

  • They are on a first name basis with just about everyone they meet.
  • They are vibrant and sophisticated.
  • They are comfortable in their own skin.
  • They have an enhanced set of morals and values and often turn their ideals into reality.

  • They are not waiting to be discovered, they know who they are, and what they have to offer others.
  • They are highly independent.
  • Their friendships are varied and not built only on similarities.

  • They constantly transmit their good energy to others.
  • They are lovers of life and people.
  • They are a treasure to us all.

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Aristotle was a Greek Philosopher, a student of Plato who was responsible for major contributions for metaphysics to ethics, aesthetics and politics.  He believed that the function of a human was to engage in an activity of the soul in accordance with virtue.   Aristotle thought that there were two overriding virtues, intellectual and moral.  The intellectual virtues he claimed were acquired by inheritance and education and the moral ones through the imitation of practice and habit.  The highest virtue, according to Aristotle was intellectual contemplation. In addition, there are an additional 12 virtues that can also be attributed to Aristotle and they are as follows:  

1) Courage – bravery and valor

2) Temperance – self-control and restraint

 3) Liberality – bigheartness, charity and generosity  

 4) Magnificence – radiance, joie de vivre

  5) Pride – self-satisfaction

6) Honor – respect, reverence, admiration  

 7) Good Temper – equanimity, level headedness

8) Friendliness – conviviality and sociability

 9) Truthfulness – straightforwardness, frankness and candor

10) Wit – sense of humor – meaninglessness and absurdity  

11) Friendship – camaraderie and companionship

12) Justice – impartiality, evenhandedness and fairness

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