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Self-imposed Isolation


Stillness and Silence 

Additional Resources on the Sweetness of Solitude

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Funny loneliness


Article on Overcoming Loneliness


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New friends are like brightly wrapped gifts, by just looking at the package we can never be sure if what is inside is going to be

a real treasure.

It is difficult to make new friendships but necessary if we want to avoid social isolation, especially if we are extraverted personality types.  Inviting new people into our lives requires some serious social management if we want to circumvent connecting with the wrong types who are not in sync with our thoughts or our  ideas about life. 

No one wants to fail at their friendships because linking up with people takes time and energy and it is disheartening when our efforts are less than successful.  The important thing to remember is that our friends are merely on loan to us, and that from time-to-time people change, and so do we.

How to recognize when friendships are badly out of balance; here are some patterns to be on the lookout for:

a major disconnection between the two of you

mismatched geography making it difficult to get together

your plagued by boredom and distraction when you are in his or her company

there is resentment on the part of either one of you

when you discover disloyalty

or  insincerity

or there are changes in perceptions that you once shared

your friend demonstrates impatience with your schedule or with your life’s responsibilities

there is constant one-upmanship between the two of you

there are discrepancies in values

he or she utters anti-Semitic remarks

or racial smears

there are differences in your  ideals

something inside of you tells you that there is something missing in the relationship

he or she constantly exaggerates

you are subjected to constant gossiping

you notice other forms of unethical and unacceptable behaviors

When Not to End a Friendship

  • when the two of you engage in a heated debate or a highly spirited dialogue about something you both feel very passionate about but cannot agree on
  • when one of your friends is undergoing life changes such as: moving in with a lover, undergoing a divorce or planning a marriage, or in the process of giving birth to a new baby
  •  when there are sharp discrepancies in your social classes
  • when you discover personality traits that occasionally irritate you
  • when the criticism that is being directed at you is constructive and not intended to hurt or humiliate you

Possible Candidates for Friendships

  • neighbors
  • facilitators of seminars or workshops
  • coaches
  • wardrobe or interior designers
  • facialists
  • yoga or exercise instructors
  • concierge of local hotels or managers / owners of bed and breakfast establishments
  • people you volunteer with
  • friends of relatives or co-workers
  • members of your faith-based communities
  • community activists
  • dentist or dental hygienists
  • accountants
  • lawyers
  • boutique owners
  • people you meet while your golfing, playing tennis or swimming
  • Persons who attend the same sporting events
  • People you meet at book signings or museums or art showings
  • Individuals who you run into at local coffee shops or restaurants

Understanding our own feelings about the value of friendship is essential if we want to draw people to us that have the capacity to appreciate our inner nature and our special way of relating to others. We are all gifts to one another and at times, our presence in each other’s lives can be life changing, not to mention, in some instances, even life saving.   

Timing off? The Ebb and Flow of Friendships


When Friends walk Away


How to Make New Friends


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Egyptian Pyramids

Great Tomb of Mausolus

Colossus of Rhodes

Colossus of Memnon

Pharos Lighthouse at Alexandria


 Temple of the Goddess Diana

Hanging Gardens of Babylon

 The ancient seven wonders of the world were remarkable for their size, structure and durability

More on this Topic –

Video – Great Pyramids


Pharos Lighthouse


Video Temple of Artemis at Epehesus


Temple of Diana


Colossus of Rhodes


Hanging Gardens of Babylon


Colossus Memnon



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Everyone has their own experience of the 4th of July. In today’s blog I have placed a collection of some of the images that come to mind.  Enjoy!!!

Vivid Images of July 4th

Suggestions on How to Tap into the Fun of Independence Day Weekend!

  • A Day at Colonial Williamsburg


  • American Revolution course outline Universal Class 101


  • Revolutionary War Reenactment


  • What Should we be Celebrating on July the 4th


  • Attending a Blue Grass County Fair


  • A Look at some beautiful Amish Quilts


  • A Glimpse at an Antique Airplane Toy (Clip From Television Series Antique Road show)


  • Camping on 4th of July – check out the bear in the camp


  • We Have to Get Together This Summer


  • Remembering Summer Camp – teaching young people to overcome intolerance


  •  Summer Time is Pepsi time w/ Uncle Teddy


  • Attending a Fiddle Contest


  • Cub Scouts Parade


An Intriguing look at the Real George Washington


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I have always been a big baseball enthusiast.  I love everything about the sport from the season that it is played in (the warmth of summer), to the stocky look of most of the players.

 I am keen on the sound of the announcer, the vast look of the expansive baseball field where the game is played and the mound where the pitcher stands to throw the ball to the batter.

 I like the short stops and the players that dig their toes into the dirt as they prepare to race to the next base the instant they hear the crackling sound of the bat. I like watching the spectators stand up and cheer or jeer with if they disagree with the umpires call.

And, then there are the bat boys, and the way they look in admiration at the hitters who strike a homerun.  There is always something that is supposed to be tasty to nosh on, old-fashioned stale treats like stale pink popcorn, over salty peanuts and sticky cotton candy. There is no way to escape the smell of spilled beer in the stands – but I enjoy it all. 

Who can ever forget their first baseball game they ever went to as a kid and the roar of the crowd when a home team player made a home run or how it felt to wait until the umpire ruled a player out or safe depending on which team you were routing for?

Here are just a few more things about baseball to rave about-

  • It is an historical American sport
  • It is a one-of-a-kind game
  • Everyone loves baseball

 It’s been called America’s Favorite Pasttime

  • Its as ageless as the spectators who fill the stands to watch it
  • It’s wonderful to watch the batting and swinging that goes on during the game

Umpires Rule no Matter What

  • The truly great hitters enter the “Baseball Hall of Fame”
  • Games tend to linger much longer than basketball or football so you really feel you get your money’s worth when you go to the ball park

There is plenty of time to socialize with friends and other fans

  • It is high-spirited entertainment – when a player does something spectacular they get a prolonged ovation from the crowd
  • The experience is really special when you can manage to get great seats

It is beyond thrilling to see a national player up close on the baseball field

  • It’s fun to root for the home team
  • Players participate in the game regardless of injuries such as bruised heels, tendonitis and torn ligaments

The coach never minces any words when he reprimands one of his players

  • It is exciting to follow the “Rookie of the Year” to see how many at-bats, hits and triples he can get
  • It’s interesting to watch how certain players enjoy baiting the umpires

Sometimes a team manager gets away with persuading an umpire to disallow a homerun

  • Bench clearing incidents are really dramatic to see
  • Things really heat up when teams are forced to play the games last few outs

Disagreements occur on the field 

  •  There is nothing so enthralling as watching a gifted left had pitcher throw the ball
  • Hot dogs and peanuts never taste as delicious as they do at a baseball game

The fans are crazy and intriguing to watch

Baseball hats and signed bats and balls are the best mementos imaginable

World Series Cap and A Signed Bat

A Signed Baseball

Player Pretends to get hit


Some Other Unsportsmanlike Behaviors


New York Times – Sports Library, unbelievable film footage


Baseball Biggest Moments


Clip From the Field of Dreams Movie


Game Play Video


Film Clip – The Pride of the Yankees – with Gary Cooper playing Lou Gehrig


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