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Flow is a state of great tranquility and improved power of the mind. 

  • Optimal writing experience
  • Devoid of multi-tasking actions, involvement in repetitive tasks or any thoughts whatsoever of ongoing efforts
  • A low (in fact) no, anxiety mood
  • Pure childlike, unadulterated mindset (without any type of agenda) complete – JOY
  • Being totally absorbed in task – in a hypnotic state, when you become as one with your undertaking
  • Sense of effortless action
  • Complete immersion in the experience
  • Total enjoyment
  • Tuned –in and zoned-out
  • Day dreamy
  • Relaxed – with no distractions, no distress
  • Wave like pattern of processing – in a way it could be compared to body surfing

Where it has been experienced before –

  • During sports activities
  • While reading
  • When watching a movie
  • When singing in a choir
  • Playing with an animal
  • Interactive session with an infant

When it Occurs –

  • If a task is not too easy (too boring and / or redundant)
  • If a task is not too hard (intimidating and anxiety producing)
  • Matching skills to performance demands

How to Transform the writing experience into an occurrence that invites the “flow” experience

  • Acknowledge what aspects of your writing project you are incomplete with
  • Detect why
  • Devise a plan to master weaknesses
  • Identify who or what can help end the struggle of writer’s block
  • Re-approach writing work by breaking it down into sizeable parts
  • Look for soundtracks of sophisticated musical arrangements that challenge the brain to make strange and unfamiliar associations for example an audio feed of: consistent knocking noises, oscillating humming sounds, monk-like chanting, whining sounds with steady pulsating beats, chiming, currents of flushing water or the whistling of wind blowing  to dispel all mundane thought patterns
  • In the culinary world, flow can be compared to simultaneously blending together a carefully composed composition of succulent flavors intended to enchantment the taste buds and please the penchant of the palate

In a Nutshell – the condensed version

  • Describe
  • Recognize
  • Plan
  • Provide
  • Assign
  • Avert
  • Master  

Another way of looking at Flow and its effect on writing

  • A clustering of intellectual impressions in our sphere of our attention
  • Rheumatic tempo synchronization
  • No barriers, no shortages, no stopping of creative ideas
  • A string of thoughts all in succession, connected by a universal force
  • Related thought arrangements that form a larger body of realization
  • Characteristic of what is and can be the best of our expressionistic repertoire
  • A distinctive sequence of sparkling ideas that burst forward
  • A creative well-spring that surges up from the deepest depths of our untamed imaginations and is vibrantly alive reflecting the pulsation of our inner spirit

Support – Assisted vocabulary

  • Unconventional input and nontraditional output
  • Target terms
  • Narrow or broader word variations
  • Mental retrieval
  • Different configurations
  • Blissful writing applications
  • Warmly wise

Laid-back Approaches to Writing

  • Valuable insights
  • Exquisitely said dialogue
  • Marvelous written work
  • Thinker toys
  • Theory X
  • In the spirit of synergy 
  • Intrinsic motivation
  • Words cannot fail me
  • Feeling the presence of a higher power
  • Unleashing the creative spirit

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Marketing buzz words demonstrate considerable insight into the way we see the world today, what is of real consequence to us and by and large how we chose to be perceived as a society. They are ever constant but highly inconsistent since they change from season-to-season mainly because they are propelled into the social landscape by the articles we read and the images we view in magazines.  Their presence is so strong in our thought patterns and in our speech that when we utter these words they sound as if they are immutable facts of life rather than just forms of personal expression encouraged by a very persuasive marketing media engaged in commerce.  In this instance they have a potential for importance which is why they are included in our every day dialogue and are worth being theorized about.  This year’s hallmark words and phrases appear to be more intense and radiating much like the colors of cosmetics, fashion and design but by 2012 we will renounce their power and begin to move beyond their usage, replacing them for newer versions of vocabulary that we will then, banter about between us as we converse both socially, and professionally.

Here is a short list of some examples that define current buzz words and hip phrases:

  • Infallibility
  • Long lasting mediums
  • Power holding
  • Sumptuous
  •  Focusing in on the next generation
  • Transforming ideas
  • Unconventional therapeutic applications
  • Defiance
  • Crisp and fresh
  • Legendary
  • The beginning of new traditions
  • Making our voice heard
  • Bright and sparkling
  • Sleek
  • Femme soft side
  • Well put together   
  • Peeling back layers to reveal what is inside
  • New classic applications
  • New interpretations of impatience
  • Always
  • Implicitly
  • Instant effects
  • Edgy elegance
  • Standing tall
  • Mechanisms for empowering confidence  

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Egyptian Pyramids

Great Tomb of Mausolus

Colossus of Rhodes

Colossus of Memnon

Pharos Lighthouse at Alexandria


 Temple of the Goddess Diana

Hanging Gardens of Babylon

 The ancient seven wonders of the world were remarkable for their size, structure and durability

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“It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.”
Sir Edmund Hillary – (1st hiker / beekeeper to conquer Mt. Everest – highest point on earth)

As is the case with all things in life, there are certain indicators that signify that the most essential ingredients are present, and so too is this true of our professional careers.  What follows is a brief list of specifics that can be broken down and taken into account to establish a quantifiable snap shot of one’s success quotient. This checklist is by no means complete but is intended to foster further thought on the subject.

Definable Elements of Sure Successes –

  • Awareness of best version of self
  • Absences in personal fault-finding when complications arise related to situational tasks
  • Unyielding efforts to refine and improve one’s  professional self to meet expected capabilities
  • Constant dedication to increasing levels of navigational skill
  • Willingness to request assistance when appropriate or ability to defer to a designated counterpart
  • The power to be one’s self and the ability to act without the sanctioning from others
  • Fortification strategy for incidences that prove resistant but not futile
  • Altruistic answers that address the question “Why me?” during arduous intervals of professional challenges  
  • Constant rediscovery of professional and personal self and totally new applications for one’s innate talents and acquired skill sets
  • Discernment regarding assembly of indestructible support team infrastructures
  • Number of ideas that have inspired timely and timeless projects involving others that have come to completion
  • Continuous backup plan (both long and short-term) for failed attempts to meet objectives
  • Faith that “the best is yet to come” in terms of one’s creativity, innovation and ability to see to the end one’s passion and purpose in his or her career and personal life.

Remember, if there is something you truly want to accomplish in your life, you can refer to the example of the “Beekeeper turned World Explorer” to determine if what is inside of you can ever be actualized! He is a man who accomplished a feat unheard of before with the help of his imagination and sheer determination to do so.

What we can do that we may not know we are capable of – from Beekeeper to Explorer


Original Footage of Hillary’s climb to Top of Mt. Everest


Edmund Hillary’s Biography – an amazing turn of events & how he endured & turned his adversity around


Documentary of Hillary’s Ordeal


Interview with Hillary – questions answered about his hike 50 years after his success


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A life of guaranteed good fortune or invulnerability, by virtue of a charm or spell (Phrase Finder) http://www.phrases.org.uk/meanings/189900.html  The term “A Charmed Life” originates all the way back to Shakespeare’s Macbeth, 1605.


  Thou losest labour:
    As easy mayst thou the intrenchant air
With thy keen sword impress as make me bleed:
Let fall thy blade on vulnerable crests;
I bear a charmed life, which must not yield,
To one of woman born.

Shakespeare,W. (1605) Macbeth

Shakespeare used this phrase in Macbeth (5:8): “Let fall thy blade on vulnerable crests, I bear a charmed life, which must not yield to one of woman born.” In later years, the term was extended to anyone who narrowly escaped from danger or was similarly lucky. Retrieved from: A Charmed Life,  http://www.joe-ks.com/phrases/phrasesC.htm Phrases, Clichés, Expressions & Sayings.

How to know if you’re leading a charmed life, the characteristics of a charmed existence are as follows:

  • You bounce back quickly after a long bout with adversity
  • Not only do you have enough to eat but your meals are always satisfying, tasty and sumptuous
  • You are blessed with children and they respect and admire you as a person, not just as their parent
  • You forget all your cares when you dance and listen to upbeat music
  • You frequently sing or whistle a happy tune without even being aware that you are doing so
  • Your coworkers laugh at your jokes because they really do find them amusing
  • You enjoy the time you spend alone with yourself
  • You like the look of your home and frequently share it with friends whose company you cherish
  • You know you are fortunate to have transportation that you can depend upon and that offers you an opportunity to experience a sense of personal freedom
  • You have a rich and full spiritual life
  • You have hope when situations turn bleak and threatening
  • You have an appreciation for things that are aesthetic
  • You are a creative force in your own life and in the lives of others who recognize your gift to innovate
  • You play a musical instrument
  • You speak more than one language
  • You watch or engage in a sport that brings to you regular pleasure
  • You have people in your life that are kind and generous and treat you well
  • You wake up with energy and enthusiasm every day
  • You are a person who knows how to forgive and frequently does so
  • You have a natural inclination toward playfulness and lightheartedness
  • You excel at the majority of projects that you take on
  • You have a curious spirit and are always interested in the discovery of new facts and concepts and you integrate them into your life on a consistent basis
  • You have a healthy view of how you should look and feel at your age and are grateful for your attractiveness and wellness
  • You’re not a person who stays in a bad mood for an indefinite period of time, you know yourself and what you need to get out of a funk
  • Your colleagues think of you as an intelligent and industrious professional and often share their high opinions of you with others who are less observing of your attributes
  • You are loved dearly by a pet or two or more
  • When you are called upon to maintain self-control you have little problem acquiescing
  • Modesty is one of your strongest traits
  • People warm up to you right away and your never at a loss for friends or acquaintances
  • You are a practical person who has the where-if-all to handle whatever life hands out to you and the wisdom to make the best of your circumstances

When all is said and done,  a charmed life is nothing more or less than a life that is built around the practices and principles we wholeheartedly, believe in!


Give this Lady a Listen and Just Relax


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Clarification of the factors leading to “Makeup Artistry Intelligence

  • Entering into domain of more complex aesthetic concepts
  • Preponderance of problematic obstructions to aesthetic enhancements
  • Plentitude of cosmetic artistry knowledge
  • Social propensity –  emotional challenges
  • Warmth and control

Social Considerations of Aesthetic Conversion

Practitioners of Cosmetic Science

  • Taking profile readings and gauging temperature of client
  • Providing pathways for the attainment of personal enhancement / beauty personification in the physical realm
  • Assistance in bridging new states of identity – discovery and reflection
  • Strong sense of involvement
  • Hyper-sensitivity to unseen phenomena
  • Evaluation of subject’s expectations
  • Mindfulness of makeup subject’s concerns
  • Harsh scrutiny and submission

 Awareness of subject’s emotional stages and dynamics involved when moving toward greater self-acceptance

  • Adaptation to invisible forces of resistance involved in aesthetic transformation
  • Consideration of client’s self-appraisal of cosmetic enhancement
  • Helpful persuasion and positive reinforcement
  • Outgrowth observed
  • Triumph of treatment
  • Admiration of facial façade
  • Ultimate value attainment

Technical Approaches and Solutions Analyzed

  • Effect of different colors
  • Textures and tones
  • Technical precision – control over implements and cosmetic aids
  • Understanding of facial plane
  • Bringing order to disorder of facial features
  • Taking counter measures to neutralize imperfections
  • Attention to straight and right angles
  • Recognizing limitations of makeup artistry until it translates into effective learning exercise
  • Building up of subject’s technical skills through a well thought-out sequence of competencies
  • Assurance of transference of cosmetic talents and technical expertise

Treatment Complete

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A maze makes a great metaphor that helps explain some of the mysteries behind how we create our own problems and how we can go about resolving them.  Mazes, not unlike our problems, baffle and befuddle us, confound and confuse us.  They can be very puzzling and extremely perplexing.

 Similarities between Our Problems and Mazes are as follows:

  • Mazes are like problems, they are difficult to understand and require determination if we want to find our way out of them
  • Like so many of our problems mazes are rooted in myth
  • They take on numerous  forms
  • They help us evolve in exciting new directions
  • They offer us mystery
  • They help us track our development
  • And, to be contemplative
  • To make decisions without knowing what is around the corner
  • To take the path of our choice
  • They hold secrets that eventually become revealed
  • They force us to stop and retrace our steps
  • They are not so dissimilar from our problems
  • They create additional problems to solve
  • Some paths end up as dead ends
  • Others routes lead to a way out
  • Mazes remind us that when we are off course, there are consequences
  • when we refuse to change
  • They stimulate us when possibilities emerge
  • To get out of mazes we need to use our ingenuity
  • They represent barriers, boundaries, challenges and victories
  • They are easy to get lost in
  • They are intriguing l
  • They involve circular maneuvers and parallels that can also be found in problem solving processes
  • They represent the twist and turns in life
  • Our experience of trying to work through a maze reaches deep into our psyche

 Mazes also teach us –

  •  Strategy
  • Control
  • Incubation of ideas
  • Insight
  • And, not to take any hasty actions
  • They represent timelessness
  • And, suggest endurance
  • They require navigation
  • They demand foresight
  • They insist on good planning
  • Calm and confidence
  • They make us tap into our creative resources
  • They bring about the realization of our goals
  • Most importantly, they provide avenues for achievement


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