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Practicing the Art of Preponderance

The problem with being perplexed is that one has to be patient when pondering

 Out of the paleness of one’s potentiality, the vibrancy of precision can be produced if one is purposeful

Precious as the rarest of all pearls is the wisdom of one’s positive projections of self

Precocious by nature but with a personality that has grown protective after years of providing food for prejudice, pilfering away at one’s pride

Promising paradigm shifts but stuck in patterns of preponderance

more persistent than not

Parlaying a prominent protagonist philosophy only providing more puzzlement to the pot

Preposterous proclamations lend nothing to the precarious situation

Feelings of persecution result in pessimism for which there is no preparing

Pleasure can only be permitted if the power of prayer presides

Principles prevail over problems offering professional progressiveness if there is no procrastination

Planning and preparedness pave the way for future profit and unlimited possibilities

For each of us has the potential to be prophets of the people and protest one should not

Prudence provides the platform for preservation of purpose

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“We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once.” 
Friedrich Nietzsche

 There is nothing more enchanting than watching people dance; their spirit always seems to rise to the occasion. 


When the music starts one simply cannot sit still, every part of one’s being is affected.  

There are so many different moves to observe; at times it seems impossible to take them all in.


Dancing is an art form, one that satisfies a person’s desire to experience the freedom of openness.

It is difficult to view a ballet without feeling the dancer’s movements on a very personal level.

Tap dancing is enthralling and invigorating, whereas the Tango is just downright sexy.

And, what could be more sensuous than belly dancing?

Everyone knows that a good waltz can make one feel as if he or she has wings on his or her heels.

On with the dance! let joy be unconfined;
No sleep till morn, when Youth and Pleasure meet
To chase the glowing hours with flying feet.
~George Gordon, Lord Byron, Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage 

Sensational Scenes from More Than Memorable Moments of Dance

Scene From Film “Scent of A Woman”  

Scene From Scent of A Woman


Liza Minnelli’s performance in the movie “Cabaret”


35 Best Dance Sequences in Film


Sizzling Dance Scenes


Riverdance – Irish Dancing


American Indian Dancing


East Indian Dancing


Traditional Japanese Dancing


Trailers and Clips from Entries to Contest – Best Dance Scenes in Film


Youthful Dance Number


American Bandstand – Celebration of the 4 decades from 1950’s to 1990’s


 Quotes about Dancing


More Quotes Re: Dancing


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There are many ways to view criticism. The task that artists must take on when they finish a piece of work is to be able to deal with the disappointing responses that come from their critics and to not let them dampen their spirits, to continue to create, especially, when they are doing the very best that they can.  

 Criticism can be viewed many ways – Here are just a few to consider:

Denigration – scorn and disrespect

Lack of praise or appreciation – disdain over numerous attempts

Poor evaluation – another’s assessment of one’s artistic results

Critique of one’s work – appraisal of one’s efforts

Unsolicited comments – unwelcome remarks

Analytical analysis – methodical reasoning

Progress report – ongoing opinions

Disparagement – belittling of work or harsh ridicule

 Censure – reproach for efforts made

Deduction – inference

Criticism is merely that, a way that people interpret an artist’s efforts to meet his or her imaginative goals.  Overly critical observers cast dispersion on what the artist does based on their opinions of the his or her work.  Some people are better at evaluating an artist’s vision than others, but in any case, whatever comments are made they are subjective and remain subjective until the artist chooses to invite them to be anything more than someone else’s truth.

 I have never met an artist that would prefer to be deprecated rather than fully appreciated.  I personally see little value in attacking someone else’s art because doing so might interfere with their intuitive attempts at creativity, and that is not what I want to do with an artist who has the daring to put something out into the world with his or her signature on it.  

Artists are creators of art, they are individuals who produce and initiate things that are unique and different unto them. I, for one, do not expect them to be performers as such, although a few of them are at times, equally as adept at being one-of-a-kind, personalities.

Many artists tend to dress, speak or act out their art; their outrageous behavior is what makes them even more intriguing, which I believe is what encourages them to be so outlandish and eccentric.

5 Ways How to Survive a Slight

Self-control  – Aim for A Responsive Reaction, use it to Build a Creative Foundation

Build a Support Platform that Connects you with  People who Naturally Admire your Creative Nature

Be Your Own Work of Art – See Everything Else As Just an Extension of Who You Are

Let Your Projects be Your Reward – Make the Process More Important than the Outcome

Open Up to Other People’s Opinions and Recognize Them for Just What They Are – Just That!

Others Views on the Subject –

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Breaking the Cycle – how to respond to overly critical people


 Why are some people overly critical

http://www.amazon.com/Coping-Infuriating-Mean-Critical-People/dp/0275989844 –





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For as long as I can remember, I have always been able to predict with vivid imagery, a certain amount of accuracy of  future events.  At first, I just thought it was just a mere coincidence, an occasional probability, but after a while I begin to notice that I would frequently have very specific hunches and whatever it was that was emerging through my subconscious intuition would eventually, come to pass, which was immensely encouraging because I had dramatic evidence that supported my mental visions.

Over the years only a few of my closet friends have been made aware of my intuitive powers and will sometimes ask me to predict an outcome of a future event for them.  If I work at it I can get a strong indication of what could come about, but I am cautious since my vision can be tainted; I find that I want to give my friends evidence that will help meet their highest expectations as opposed to what may in fact, be just the opposite conclusions.  As a result, I keep a lot of my revelations to myself until the natural course of events is unveiled and discovered by them.

It seems that as I mature my range of future knowledge about people, places and things has become more instinctual to me and I find myself more trusting of my intuitive feelings. I know that if I perceive something before it actually manifests it is because there are many psychic clues along the way to what eventually appears evident long before its time. 

I am far from alone; there are many people who I have met throughout my lifetime who have shared their memories, dreams and their own special reflections relating to precognition.  One thing all people with future sight have in common is that after a while we all start to detect similar patterns in our awareness and if we choose to take them seriously, sooner or later, we increase our abilities through recognizing the value of our visions and following our insights.

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Flow is a state of great tranquility and improved power of the mind. 

  • Optimal writing experience
  • Devoid of multi-tasking actions, involvement in repetitive tasks or any thoughts whatsoever of ongoing efforts
  • A low (in fact) no, anxiety mood
  • Pure childlike, unadulterated mindset (without any type of agenda) complete – JOY
  • Being totally absorbed in task – in a hypnotic state, when you become as one with your undertaking
  • Sense of effortless action
  • Complete immersion in the experience
  • Total enjoyment
  • Tuned –in and zoned-out
  • Day dreamy
  • Relaxed – with no distractions, no distress
  • Wave like pattern of processing – in a way it could be compared to body surfing

Where it has been experienced before –

  • During sports activities
  • While reading
  • When watching a movie
  • When singing in a choir
  • Playing with an animal
  • Interactive session with an infant

When it Occurs –

  • If a task is not too easy (too boring and / or redundant)
  • If a task is not too hard (intimidating and anxiety producing)
  • Matching skills to performance demands

How to Transform the writing experience into an occurrence that invites the “flow” experience

  • Acknowledge what aspects of your writing project you are incomplete with
  • Detect why
  • Devise a plan to master weaknesses
  • Identify who or what can help end the struggle of writer’s block
  • Re-approach writing work by breaking it down into sizeable parts
  • Look for soundtracks of sophisticated musical arrangements that challenge the brain to make strange and unfamiliar associations for example an audio feed of: consistent knocking noises, oscillating humming sounds, monk-like chanting, whining sounds with steady pulsating beats, chiming, currents of flushing water or the whistling of wind blowing  to dispel all mundane thought patterns
  • In the culinary world, flow can be compared to simultaneously blending together a carefully composed composition of succulent flavors intended to enchantment the taste buds and please the penchant of the palate

In a Nutshell – the condensed version

  • Describe
  • Recognize
  • Plan
  • Provide
  • Assign
  • Avert
  • Master  

Another way of looking at Flow and its effect on writing

  • A clustering of intellectual impressions in our sphere of our attention
  • Rheumatic tempo synchronization
  • No barriers, no shortages, no stopping of creative ideas
  • A string of thoughts all in succession, connected by a universal force
  • Related thought arrangements that form a larger body of realization
  • Characteristic of what is and can be the best of our expressionistic repertoire
  • A distinctive sequence of sparkling ideas that burst forward
  • A creative well-spring that surges up from the deepest depths of our untamed imaginations and is vibrantly alive reflecting the pulsation of our inner spirit

Support – Assisted vocabulary

  • Unconventional input and nontraditional output
  • Target terms
  • Narrow or broader word variations
  • Mental retrieval
  • Different configurations
  • Blissful writing applications
  • Warmly wise

Laid-back Approaches to Writing

  • Valuable insights
  • Exquisitely said dialogue
  • Marvelous written work
  • Thinker toys
  • Theory X
  • In the spirit of synergy 
  • Intrinsic motivation
  • Words cannot fail me
  • Feeling the presence of a higher power
  • Unleashing the creative spirit

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We dress for display purposes, attiring our secret selves in distracting costumes that are intended to enhance our silhouette or physique and make a good impression. We place attention on areas that we consider our physical attributes and downplay our less than attractive bodily features.  We like to select clothing that satisfies our need to express our originality and that communicates our moods socially. We pick out an outfit to wear, depending on our feelings at the time, the particular activities we will be engaged in, and the length of time we will be wearing the garment. A fabrics appeal varies but is always contingent on how the material fits our shape and our full-scale bodily proportions: the way in which it folds, creases, and its opaque qualities and if we are trying to conceal or reveal what lies immediately underneath.  Definition, contour and form are brought to light by the ability of the material to absorb rays where illumination intersects. It is most flattering where there is evenness and a broad flowing line, and where there are shadows there is curvature at the central point’s establishing the direction that observer’s eyes will travel.   Accessories rearrange proportions, add a touch of glamour or detail to our apparel by accenting a certain part of the garment making it more pronounced, ornate, interesting, thoughtful or tasteful in its appearance. 

To an untrained eye, a person’s clothing or individual style may be hard to distinguish but for the clothing connoisseur who views a person’s attire all in one glance,   the individual is perceived as a life size portrait, a human creation whose image is either pleasing or harmonious to his or her eyes or irritating and disconcerting.  Those of us, who are ultra sensitive to aesthetic compositions of any kind, cannot dismiss the distinctive rhythm of another person’s unique style as it reflects the expressive quality of the wearer.  The attire each of us chooses to wear when we venture out, visually signifies more than just our days clothing selection, it also exemplifies the energies of our spirit, along with the more soulful aspects of our intuitive persona.

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Egyptian Pyramids

Great Tomb of Mausolus

Colossus of Rhodes

Colossus of Memnon

Pharos Lighthouse at Alexandria


 Temple of the Goddess Diana

Hanging Gardens of Babylon

 The ancient seven wonders of the world were remarkable for their size, structure and durability

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There is strength to be found in agony and joy when we break free of our sorrows

There is polarity everywhere and contrasts abound, we are all vulnerable to the scales of balance, one day up, the next day down. 

We march to the tune of triumph or defeat, the choice is ours. The music we put out into the world constantly determines our gladness over our sadness, we decide.

The future is invisible; it is only in this instant that we can see the radiance of our highest good, beyond today, this very moment, is nothing but a promise of uncertainty.

 Negative Thought

  • Life is a struggle

 Positive Thought

  • Give me a plow

Negative Thought

  • There is nothing but despair and hope

Positive thought

  • I shall look up to the heavens

Negative Words

  • “Its winter and everything appears lifeless and dead”

Positive Words

  • “Look, there is a bulb pushing through the icy ground, it’s spring”

Negative Vision

  • Everything appears dark and gloomy

Positive Vision  

  • Look into the darkness and see clarity, use your own light to illuminate your way

We are all diamonds in the rough, in fact, slightly misshapen and definitely, less than perfect.

What Can Makes Us Shine

  • Research to find how we can improve our existence and ourselves with a little special polishing
  • A closer look from within to find a little luster and sheen that can be brought to the surface
  • Truth – only when a diamond is translucent can you see into the stone but never completely through it
  • Personal serenity – at our core there is a roundness and a smoothness that sustains us and helps us prevail
  • Substance and endurance – real stones sink when emerged in water, fake stones rise to the surface quickly
  • Energy and radiance – those who are experts,  trained to recognize a diamond are well aware of the test of electrical conductivity http://www.ehow.com/facts_5786645_electrical-conductivity-definition.html

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“It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.”
Sir Edmund Hillary – (1st hiker / beekeeper to conquer Mt. Everest – highest point on earth)

As is the case with all things in life, there are certain indicators that signify that the most essential ingredients are present, and so too is this true of our professional careers.  What follows is a brief list of specifics that can be broken down and taken into account to establish a quantifiable snap shot of one’s success quotient. This checklist is by no means complete but is intended to foster further thought on the subject.

Definable Elements of Sure Successes –

  • Awareness of best version of self
  • Absences in personal fault-finding when complications arise related to situational tasks
  • Unyielding efforts to refine and improve one’s  professional self to meet expected capabilities
  • Constant dedication to increasing levels of navigational skill
  • Willingness to request assistance when appropriate or ability to defer to a designated counterpart
  • The power to be one’s self and the ability to act without the sanctioning from others
  • Fortification strategy for incidences that prove resistant but not futile
  • Altruistic answers that address the question “Why me?” during arduous intervals of professional challenges  
  • Constant rediscovery of professional and personal self and totally new applications for one’s innate talents and acquired skill sets
  • Discernment regarding assembly of indestructible support team infrastructures
  • Number of ideas that have inspired timely and timeless projects involving others that have come to completion
  • Continuous backup plan (both long and short-term) for failed attempts to meet objectives
  • Faith that “the best is yet to come” in terms of one’s creativity, innovation and ability to see to the end one’s passion and purpose in his or her career and personal life.

Remember, if there is something you truly want to accomplish in your life, you can refer to the example of the “Beekeeper turned World Explorer” to determine if what is inside of you can ever be actualized! He is a man who accomplished a feat unheard of before with the help of his imagination and sheer determination to do so.

What we can do that we may not know we are capable of – from Beekeeper to Explorer


Original Footage of Hillary’s climb to Top of Mt. Everest


Edmund Hillary’s Biography – an amazing turn of events & how he endured & turned his adversity around


Documentary of Hillary’s Ordeal


Interview with Hillary – questions answered about his hike 50 years after his success


Additional Betterment Aids for You to Investigate –

Improvement in Attitude


Achievement Quotes and Sayings


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We are what we most frequently do, I like to think and communicate my thoughts, my medium is writing.  I enjoy transferring my interpretations of people, places and things onto a daily blog for the purpose of sharing my perceptions with others who like to communicate their ideas and write about them.

It is not hard to come up with topics to write about, in fact, I am always jotting down something that captures my attention so that I can later expand on the notion.  The problem is not developing themes but in trying to put everything I have considered into a context that will (1) be relevant to others, (2) make sense to others (3) be memorable enough to merit the time that it takes for my readers to wade through my blog.

I find that there are so many exciting subjects in this world to cover that even after eighteen months of daily blogging, I am never at a loss as to what I will write about, it is just a question of how can I get everything covered, in a week or a month or before the end of the year.

Blogging, in my estimation is the best thing that has ever happened to me because it permits me an opportunity to learn new things every, single, day and to transfer my knowledge to others, who like me, want to broaden their understanding of everything and everyone around them.

Over the past year and a half, I have met a lot of nice people, brilliant human beings actually, that I might never have interfaced with had it not been for the process of blogging.  I am very appreciative of the privilege of free speech, there is not a day that goes by that I am not grateful to all those who have fought to make it possible for me to have a voice in this world. 

I love the Internet, having lived and having worked at a time when it did not exist, I never take it for granted. It has changed my life in so many ways by making it possible to have access to just about any and all forms of knowledge imaginable.  Years ago, I could have never conceived of the opportunity to send my words out into the universe over a system such as the World Wide Web.  What I really find amazing is how we can travel, visiting places we would not otherwise be able to venture to without even leaving our domiciles and how it allows us, virtually, within seconds, to connect with cultures from all over the planet.

I never know, when I sit down to write on a topic what I will learn and how I can incorporate that information into my blog content. It is always a pleasant revelation, most of the time I come up with an approach that I had not planned on taking, something completely out of the blue, simply because I become so inspired by what was disclosed to me, in my research. 

Providing links to other sites and expanding on the subject I am writing about is what makes blogging so interesting. I try to find opposite opinions or to cite references that support what I have written.  Whenever I run into another writer’s views, especially, those that mimic my own, I feel as if I am part of an enormous consensus.  It is a wonderful feeling to know that there are people out there, somewhere that I probably will never, ever, meet but with whom I know I share the same perceptions.  I just cannot envision a better human experience than relating to strangers in a way that substantiates my deepest beliefs in my own powers of observation by sharing the same impressions.

I hope that you too, will consider blogging, and if you do, you will take to it, as I have, and it will have a profound effect on how you see the world and everyone in it.

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