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Marketing buzz words demonstrate considerable insight into the way we see the world today, what is of real consequence to us and by and large how we chose to be perceived as a society. They are ever constant but highly inconsistent since they change from season-to-season mainly because they are propelled into the social landscape by the articles we read and the images we view in magazines.  Their presence is so strong in our thought patterns and in our speech that when we utter these words they sound as if they are immutable facts of life rather than just forms of personal expression encouraged by a very persuasive marketing media engaged in commerce.  In this instance they have a potential for importance which is why they are included in our every day dialogue and are worth being theorized about.  This year’s hallmark words and phrases appear to be more intense and radiating much like the colors of cosmetics, fashion and design but by 2012 we will renounce their power and begin to move beyond their usage, replacing them for newer versions of vocabulary that we will then, banter about between us as we converse both socially, and professionally.

Here is a short list of some examples that define current buzz words and hip phrases:

  • Infallibility
  • Long lasting mediums
  • Power holding
  • Sumptuous
  •  Focusing in on the next generation
  • Transforming ideas
  • Unconventional therapeutic applications
  • Defiance
  • Crisp and fresh
  • Legendary
  • The beginning of new traditions
  • Making our voice heard
  • Bright and sparkling
  • Sleek
  • Femme soft side
  • Well put together   
  • Peeling back layers to reveal what is inside
  • New classic applications
  • New interpretations of impatience
  • Always
  • Implicitly
  • Instant effects
  • Edgy elegance
  • Standing tall
  • Mechanisms for empowering confidence  

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Clarification of the factors leading to “Makeup Artistry Intelligence

  • Entering into domain of more complex aesthetic concepts
  • Preponderance of problematic obstructions to aesthetic enhancements
  • Plentitude of cosmetic artistry knowledge
  • Social propensity –  emotional challenges
  • Warmth and control

Social Considerations of Aesthetic Conversion

Practitioners of Cosmetic Science

  • Taking profile readings and gauging temperature of client
  • Providing pathways for the attainment of personal enhancement / beauty personification in the physical realm
  • Assistance in bridging new states of identity – discovery and reflection
  • Strong sense of involvement
  • Hyper-sensitivity to unseen phenomena
  • Evaluation of subject’s expectations
  • Mindfulness of makeup subject’s concerns
  • Harsh scrutiny and submission

 Awareness of subject’s emotional stages and dynamics involved when moving toward greater self-acceptance

  • Adaptation to invisible forces of resistance involved in aesthetic transformation
  • Consideration of client’s self-appraisal of cosmetic enhancement
  • Helpful persuasion and positive reinforcement
  • Outgrowth observed
  • Triumph of treatment
  • Admiration of facial façade
  • Ultimate value attainment

Technical Approaches and Solutions Analyzed

  • Effect of different colors
  • Textures and tones
  • Technical precision – control over implements and cosmetic aids
  • Understanding of facial plane
  • Bringing order to disorder of facial features
  • Taking counter measures to neutralize imperfections
  • Attention to straight and right angles
  • Recognizing limitations of makeup artistry until it translates into effective learning exercise
  • Building up of subject’s technical skills through a well thought-out sequence of competencies
  • Assurance of transference of cosmetic talents and technical expertise

Treatment Complete

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Everyone has a different idea about what constitutes a great weekend.  My idea of two days of fun varies from week-to-week depending on what was going on when my week came to an end.  I always experience a sense of excitement on Friday afternoons even if I am not working a routine five day schedule.  It is nice to have a couple of days to play with and to make special plans.  Some of my weekends are all booked up with leisure activities, while during others; I just kind of hang loose and only participate in spontaneous events. 

The best part of weekends is that I allow myself to enjoy guilt-free play.  The main thing is that I try to refrain from any reminders of work, at least until late Sunday night when I have to begin to prepare for, and get organized, to meet all the demands for the following week. 

Every Monday, I take a few minutes to reflect on how I spent the weekend.  Recalling all the wonderful memories leaves me feeling energized and ready to get back into my work.  I have made a list of some of my favorite activities that I believe amount to a great weekend experience.  I am certain you will have your own ideas to add. Enjoy!

Here is what I think makes a weekend really special. I hope you will agree.

  • Sleeping in
  • Breakfast in bed
  • Delightful neighbors
  • Baseball games
  • Starring up at the stars
  • Playing cards
  • Long drives in the country or along the shoreline
  • Dinner and dancing
  • Sunday brunch
  • Dinner parties
  • Home visits
  • Saturday night dates
  • Washing the car
  • Catching up with paperwork
  • Window shopping in quaint little townships
  • Lunch with the girls
  • Attending a concert, symphony, opera or a ballet
  • Going to the museum
  • Meeting friends at the open market
  • Grocery shopping for the coming week
  • An afternoon snooze
  • A cup of tea and a good book
  • Volunteering to help out at church
  • Car racing
  • Rollerblading in the park
  • Walking along the beach
  • Surfing
  • Sailing
  • Motor boating
  • Escaping to a bed and breakfast for two whole days
  • Listening to our favorite music CD
  • Picnics
  •  Facials
  • Manicures
  • Massages


  • Buying a new dress
  • Getting a new hairdo or a great haircut
  • Taking _________to the dog park to play
  • Walking in the woods
  • Waterskiing
  • Browsing in a favorite bookstore
  • Meeting a friend for coffee
  • Flying a kite
  • Hanging out doing absolutely nothing!


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Confidence is what separates a person from everyone else. It is a state of mind that is developed through constant self-evaluation and responsiveness to life.  Confident people are extremely special, when we encounter them, something they say or do, always leaves a lasting impression on us and we cannot help but think of them often.

Confident people:

  • Acknowledge human value
  • Know when to agree and how to say so when they don’t
  • Work at staying true to their beliefs
  • Strive to keep their emotions in check
  • Understand and allow for cultural differences
  • Recognize that there aren’t any absolutes
  • Send positive messages that will influence
  • Never grow to accustomed to comfort
  • Create buffers
  • Participate in positive self-talk
  • See themselves as a resource to other people
  • Open their hearts to children and the elderly
  • Prefer to lead rather than follow
  • Give more than they take
  • Don’t let toxic people discourage them
  • Allow their feelings to speak to them
  • Make commitments
  • Know what is really important to them
  • Are aware of their own vulnerabilities
  • Refuse to let resentment build up
  • Talk themselves out of anger
  • Accept the consequences of their actions
  • Are non- judgmental
  • Don’t deny their talents and abilities
  • Express their essence
  • Pay attention their internal signals
  • Occasionally, sing a little off-key but don’t get all hung up about it
  • Learn from their setbacks
  • Allow themselves to become elated rather than merely happy
  • See their good fortune rather than begrudging their circumstances when issues arise
  • Bring people around them together by their good-natured spirit

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An inexpensive novel is an invaluable form of recreation because it costs very little and brings an enormous return on one’s investment.  No matter what goes on in our lives we can always turn to an intriguing story for solace or lively entertainment.  Few things can create as tranquil of a mood as cuddling up with a good book on a rainy day.  Who has not been transformed by lying back and taking time out to read a relaxing book? Whether we are absorbed in the pages of a compelling novel while in line waiting or just passing time during a long airplane flight, a good piece of fiction is always a great bet to escape.

The fiction author knows how to capture our attention and how to draw us into his or her world one paragraph, one page or one chapter at a time. He or she sets the mood and before we are even aware of it we have been slowly seduced into a place of utter tranquility or stimulated by a heightened sense of mystery. The writer has the power to either jet us off somewhere exotic to experience global intrigue or to place us in the rural back roads of some quaint location that reminds us of a familiar small town we live in or at one time once visited.

If the book is a good read, it does not take long before we identify with the personality types in the writer’s story. With enough details, the characters start to appear real enough in the first few pages and we slowly start to relate to their various traits.  Perhaps, it is the dialogue that emerges from their conversations, or some secret that is revealed that reminds us of the people that we currently know or have known in our past.  The characters come more to life as we begin to understand their humanness and as the author reveals the reasons for their inclinations.  

No matter what the theme of the book, a good piece of fiction has certain attributes which we can agree with or dispute.

In my opinion what makes a book a good work of fiction –

  • A storyline that allows us to be transported to a different mode of living, if only temporarily by engaging our senses
  • The chance to feel less lonely or isolated by becoming so enthralled with the writer’s work that we forget our previous state of mind
  • A grandiose ambiance that makes our life style seem so much more conservative
  • A temporary relief from what might otherwise be a more mundane, drab or boring daily existence
  •  A chance to live vicariously through the concentration he or she makes on the characters ambitions and dreams as revealed in the storyline
  • An improbable situation that becomes more probable in every chapter as we calculate the possibilities
  • The opportunity to explore some of the unknown elements of the supernatural if the story includes such aspects
  • The enthralling emotions we experience when we are drawn into the mindset of an adventurous character
  • The routine habits and actions as well as the unnatural behaviors of the characters and the author’s justification for them
  • How the writer casts doubts into his or her character’s intentions and causes us temporary confusion which he or she later reconciles
  • The effects of the character’s actions in the story as they are gradually revealed leading up to a shocking finale
  • The astounding courage displayed by the heroes in the book or the disappointing aspects of the spinelessness of the characters
  • The excitement that the author stirs up in us by building momentum as the storyline moves toward its climatic conclusion

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What is it that makes the French so interesting?  I think it is:

  • Their history
  • Confidence
  • Intellect
  • Stories
  • Sensuality
  • Language
  • Architecture
  • Gardens
  • Sense of style
  • Way with words
  • Cuisine
  • Wines

Creative “French Thinking is anything pertaining to, but not limited to any one or more of the following items listed below:

  • Seduction of taste
  • Anything aesthetically pleasing to the eye
  • Artist’s society
  • Unique cultural elements and perspectives
  • Intrigue and mystery
  • Elegance and refinement combined with whimsy
  • Luxurious surroundings
  • Eclectic touches
  • Improvisation
  • Enlightenment
  • Vision
  • Inspiration
  • Romantic persuasion
  • Passionate thoughts worth recalling
  • Delight and personal satisfaction
  • Poetry
  • Racy novels
  • Expressive music
  • Humor and folly

Famous Three-star French Chefs –

  • Alain Ducasse 
  • Eric Ripert

Creative French Images –

  • Eiffel Tower
  • Mansard Roofs
  • French Country furnishings
  • Palace of Versailles
  • Tuleries Gardens

Celebrated French Authors –

  • Victor Hugo
  • Antoine de Saint-Exupery  (author of the “Little Prince”)

French Painters

  • Claude Monet
  • Van Gough
  • Renoir

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A Tribute to Louis Malle


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Ananis Nin and Henry Miller


Images of French Design


Rodin Sculpture


Camille Claudel


Clip from the Movie Camille Claudel – Isabelle Adjani


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Living life and Loving it by embracing all that means the world to us. Nothing can compare to the things that matter most to us!

  • Ability to be alone with ourselves and our thoughts
  • Accomplishments that involve projects that we have completed
  • Actions intended to assist others and to help those in need to solve their own problems
  • Advantages in our careers that we recognize as great opportunities

  • Advice from those we can trust
  • Affection from those we love
  • Affluence in the things that matter most to us

  • Aid from those we permit to care for us
  • Allowances for our faults and the errors of others
  • Amazement at the things in our lives that are hard or impossible to understand
  • Amusement  and an appreciation for the ironies in life

  • Answers to questions we have the courage to ask
  • Appearance that suits our expectations
  • A healthy appetite for life

  • Appreciation from those we admire
  • Artistic flair and a strong appreciation for all that is aesthetic
  • Assertiveness when necessary
  • Assets that make us feel rich even if they appear worthless to others

  • Assurance of one’s capabilities to survive even the worst of conditions
  • Attitude that lends itself to social and professional agility
  • Awe for the wonders of the world


  • Fresh air
  • People watching
  • A walk on the beach

  • Café Olay
  • Croissants
  • The sound of rain

  • Window shopping in Paris
  • Riding the rapids
  • Ice cubes
  • Homemade ice-cream

  • Roller skating
  • Shaving
  • A massage
  • A walk in the park on the first day of Spring

  • A ride in a gondola in Italy
  • A good meal with a friend
  • A cup of hot piping coffee first thing in the morning

  • Coming home to a pet
  • Taking a look at a family album
  • Conversations with intelligent and curious children
  • Riding in a horse and buggy

  • Eating a regional delicacy
  • Listening to a favorite musical recording artist
  • Reading romantic poetry to a lover
  • Waking from an afternoon nap

  • Attending a play in NYC
  • Walking through a forest of redwood trees in Northern California
  • Taking a moment to recognize all that matters most

  • Belly laughter
  • Family heirlooms
  • A serving of homemade chicken soup when bedridden with the flu
  • A day trip to the Cape

  • A cookout on a camping trip
  • The first days of the autumn season
  • A letter from home
  • The anticipation of the arrival of a long-awaited guest

  • The first light of dawn after a night of stormy weather
  • Passing a grueling test
  • Feeling happy and perfectly content

  • Knowing you are in a place where you need to be to be of the most service
  • Make someone happy and you will be happy 2

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