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According to Jean Langlois, ScD, an investigator in epidemiology at the National Institute on Aging, Bethesda, MD, women over the age of 50 that lose a lot of weight are actually at greater risk of fracturing their hips.  In fact, the study showed that when women lost 10% of their weight or more after the age of 50 their chance of fracturing their hip more than doubled. As a precautionary measure, physicians recommend that women reach an optimal weight and stay at that size, taking into account, however, that heart disease associated with being overweight is even more dangerous than a hip fracture. 

Exercise is always good for reducing pounds and inches but did you know that women who participate in aerobic workouts up to three times per week have a lower risk of developing breast cancer.

Amazingly, anorexia is not an eating disorder that affects young women reports Paul L. Hewitt PhD, associate professor of psychology, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada.  Only 25% of the women who die from anorexia are overachieving, young women, in fact, the majority, four out of five, who lose their lives due to anorexia nervosa, are a shocking 45 years of age or even older.

Many women are closet smokers who use nicotine as a measure to control their appetites and because of this strategy suffer years later even after they have given up smoking because they are two to three times more likely to suffer from incontinence than those who never smoked cigarettes at all. Studies indicate that nicotine constricts the bladder, causing unintentional urine leakage. 

The foods mature women eat have a big influence on their overall health. Few women meet their calcium requirements says Ethel Siris, MD, professor of clinical medicine, College of Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia University, New York City. Bone thinning is grossly undiagnosed in women over 50. Women with low bone density suffer broken bones at twice the rate of those with normal bone density and those with osteoporosis, four times the rate.  The recommended intake of calcium for women 25 to 50 years of age is 300 mg of calcium, eight ounces of milk or yogurt.

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Clarification of the factors leading to “Makeup Artistry Intelligence

  • Entering into domain of more complex aesthetic concepts
  • Preponderance of problematic obstructions to aesthetic enhancements
  • Plentitude of cosmetic artistry knowledge
  • Social propensity –  emotional challenges
  • Warmth and control

Social Considerations of Aesthetic Conversion

Practitioners of Cosmetic Science

  • Taking profile readings and gauging temperature of client
  • Providing pathways for the attainment of personal enhancement / beauty personification in the physical realm
  • Assistance in bridging new states of identity – discovery and reflection
  • Strong sense of involvement
  • Hyper-sensitivity to unseen phenomena
  • Evaluation of subject’s expectations
  • Mindfulness of makeup subject’s concerns
  • Harsh scrutiny and submission

 Awareness of subject’s emotional stages and dynamics involved when moving toward greater self-acceptance

  • Adaptation to invisible forces of resistance involved in aesthetic transformation
  • Consideration of client’s self-appraisal of cosmetic enhancement
  • Helpful persuasion and positive reinforcement
  • Outgrowth observed
  • Triumph of treatment
  • Admiration of facial façade
  • Ultimate value attainment

Technical Approaches and Solutions Analyzed

  • Effect of different colors
  • Textures and tones
  • Technical precision – control over implements and cosmetic aids
  • Understanding of facial plane
  • Bringing order to disorder of facial features
  • Taking counter measures to neutralize imperfections
  • Attention to straight and right angles
  • Recognizing limitations of makeup artistry until it translates into effective learning exercise
  • Building up of subject’s technical skills through a well thought-out sequence of competencies
  • Assurance of transference of cosmetic talents and technical expertise

Treatment Complete

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Now, that we have moved into the summer months there is a wide selection of fresh and inexpensive fruits and vegetables available. Juicing is a quick, convenient and inexpensive way to obtain food nutritional substances that can provide us with the necessary nourishment to assist us in becoming healthier by maintaining better mood balance and physical endurance. With just the simple act of drinking raw vegetables and fruits we can speed up their absorption into our systems.

Juicing increases the amount of nutrients which we can take in during a single meal and helps them to get into our bodies faster in comparison to solid foods sources. Better still, is the fact that it reduces the intake of chemicals or additives that would normally contribute to disease since it is virtually free of this kind of matter.

Radical changes need not be made in the beginning. If we want to experience juicing and its contributions to our daily diet we can slowly replace portions of our meals (servings of fruits and vegetables) with their liquid counterparts. For example, we can juice carrots, spinach or broccoli and once blended, replace their juice with their solid variation, instead of serving them as a traditional side dish on our plate.   

Another way we can integrate juicing into our diet would be to add at least a glass of fruit or purified liquid vegetables to our pre-existing food servings as a nutritional supplement to ensure that we are getting the sources of these nutrients our bodies require. 

Juicing can contribute to the flavor of our meals by adding juice combinations to our cooking in the form of bases (substitutions for simmering liquids, in sauces) or as the main ingredient in salad dressings.  The pulp can be used as an extra additive in food recipes. Fruit that has been juiced can be included in gelatin and pudding desserts, not to mention, in a variety of other tasty treats such as fruit cocktails or refreshing summer coolers. 

 Here are some additional reasons to consider juicing –


  • The body gets enzymes from the raw foods that are contained in the juice
  • Enzymes help convert food into body tissue and energy
  • Enzymes increase metabolic rate
  • Offers an ample supply of phytochemicals (substances inherent in plants) that help fight off disease
  • High concentrations of antioxidants are supplied and combined with other immune enhancing properties
  • Helps improve clarity of complexion
  • Controls episodic outbreaks of acne  and other skin disorders
  • Improves deprivation of light omission from sun) SAD
  • Detours some of the indications of aging  (stiffness, aches and pains) by helping improve muscle tone
  • Encourages quick weight loss
  • Adds pure food with no additives or preservatives to our diet
  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Contributes to better heart health

How to Select a Good Juicer –

  • At least one horse power and preferably more
  • Look for one with a long-term warranty
  • Capable of making pulp free juice too
  • Must be maneuverable
  • As much stainless steel in its construction as possible
  • Must be able to break down into parts to easily clean
  • With dishwasher safe attachments
  • You’ll want a machine that does not vibrate
  • One that extracts maximum juice from fruits and vegetables
  • One that is safe and affordable
  • A make and model that can produce anything juices not just liquid from fruit

Detoxing –

With Detoxing we can clean out our digestive tract and in so doing, strengthen our immune systems. This can be accomplished by:

  • Making the proper selection of the right foods for purifying our digestive systems
  • a comprehensive study on how to prepare produce fruits and vegetables for detoxing
  • and of course, permission from our health providers to eliminate toxins from our bodies

Weight loss benefits:

Juicing in combination with detoxing and the necessary lifestyle changes such as more exercise, better nutrition and assistance with emotional issues that can contribute can lead to massive changes in weight. Unlike other alternative methods that help us to downsize, juicing can get us to focus on improving nutrition and building a more sound foundation for fitness rather than just focusing on losing pounds.  

The gradual absence of more solid foods gives us time to readjust to eliminating less positive behavioral habits that surround our eating routines and allows us to slowly reintroduce ourselves to healthier choices (more balanced nutrients) and to reevaluate our previous portion sizes. We can temporarily forego counting calories; by following published set guidelines to help us get started.  If juicing works for us, we can find a better way of nourishing our bodies with the nutrients that come directly from nature’s foods.

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The error that many of us make is that although we say we believe in miracles, we neglect to focus on them in our day-to-day lives.  

Miracles serve us by being a consistent spiritual force that we can draw from that brings out our inner-vitality, naturally energizing our thoughts, and therefore, our being and all the various aspects in our lives.

Thinking about the existence of miracles expands our consciousness with the realization that there is there is always a higher power at work.

Miracles connect us with the universal source that unites all people and all things, giving us a greater sense of oneness.   

They tap into our collective awareness and make us more empathetic and compassionate to those who are the closest to us and even to strangers. 

Miracles are powerful thought forms that when conceived of regularly, can pave the way to paths of plenty by raising us up from emotional gravity. 

When we constantly focus on the miraculous things in our lives we begin to experience a greater level of life satisfaction. 

It is as if we are given an extra measure of inner-happiness so we can further appreciate all the things around us that are worthy of our gratitude, things that once were not even considered amazing or extraordinary. 

  • Miracles can rebirth our spirit
  • Miracles create an air of expectancy that something wonderful is just around the corner, awaiting us
  • Miracles transform what would otherwise be interpreted as meaningless into a miraculous occurrence
  • Miracles bring out the innocence of our inner-child and make us more playful
  • Miracles make us smile and laugh, and begin to believe again
  • Miracles help us to understand what would otherwise be, inconceivable
  • Miracles are the light that help us to navigate our way out of our self-imposed darkness
  • Miracles when shared restore faith consciousness
  • Miracles make us more radiant
  • Miracles help reduce pain and make us instantly feel a little better
  • Miracles bring joy where there was once only despondency
  • Miracles transform terror by granting us serenity by making us feel that we are divinely provided for
  • Miracles keep us grounded and from imagining the worst in chaotic situations
  • Miracles help us break free of our enslavement to skepticism
  • Miracles make the less than obvious occurrences marvelous events
  • Miracles fill our hearts with gladness and take away our sadness
  • Miracles attract more miracles

Miracles are Everywhere

Song by Jefferson Starship – Miracles


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“The practice of putting women on pedestals began to die out when it was discovered that they could give orders better from there.”

Betty Grable (America film Actress 1916 -1973)

“Because I am a woman, I must make unusual efforts to succeed.  If I fail, no one will say, “She doesn’t have what it takes”; they will say, “Women don’t have what it takes”

Clare Boothe Luce (American Diplomat and Playwright, 1903 -1987

“I wasn’t really naked. I simply didn’t have any clothes on”.
Josephine Baker, Exotic Entertainer, 1906 -1975

Hollywood is a place where they’ll pay you a thousand dollars for a kiss and fifty cents for your soul.
Marilyn Monroe, Siren of the Cinema 1926-1962

“I have a woman’s body and a child’s emotions”.
Elizabeth Taylor, Stage and Screen Actress, 1932

“My honor was not yielded, but conquered merely.”


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Countless people are concerned about the way they look and especially with the aspect of showing signs of aging. As we grow older; serenity and cerebral wisdom become more evident in our rationale regarding subjects related to the beauty of our outer shell.

If we permit it, our progressive maturity helps us reevaluate the definition of “true beauty” from more of a sacred point of view. Many of us begin to reevaluate our physical attractiveness in a way that reflects more on the teachings of the Bible and how we can address this subject.

Later in our lives, many of us start to abandon the habits that held us hostage to aesthetic conformity in our cultures for so many decades. We begin, at some point, to rethink our interpretation of our physical worth, redefining our image to include the noticeable changes that naturally come with the passage of years.

The Bible encourages us to make the most of ourselves and to work from the inside out.  We are instructed to begin our relationship from within, where our “real beauty resides” and work outward.  We are urged to go beyond the fashion “must haves,” and the upcoming trends of tomorrow. We are reminded of the aesthetic rhythm of spiritual beauty and the radiance it exudes.

Take a look at what the “Book of God” has to say on the subject:

Matthew 23:28 – “In the same way, on the outside you appear to people as righteous, but on the inside you are full of hypocrisy and wickedness.”

Matthew 7:20 – “Thus, by their fruit you will recognize them.”

If we allow ourselves to focus more on the guidance of the Bible as our skin begins to become weathered and marked with texture from time and the strength of its vigor begins to relax, we realize we no longer have to be the disciples of aesthetic desires. The products and procedures that once ruled our worlds no longer have the same allure and hold on us. There is yet to be discovered another type of beauty that prevails with age and is so magnificent in its splendor that it turns heads when we walk into a room and makes people marvel at what it is that makes us so divine in the last decades of our lives.

Both men and women who have discovered the aesthetic dictates described in the Bible know that once you cross a certain decade (whatever we deem that phase of our life to be) there is another form of beauty that awaits exploration. It is our way of being in this world and there is nothing imperfect about it. It merely is, and it mirrors the vision of God that he had in mind when he created us.

It is an image that holds its purity amidst all the artificiality of the years which preceded it. There is an acceptance that announces “I am one with the Divine,” I am no longer worried about appearing dated or dowdy. The special attention I receive now comes from the result of “good taste” and moderation in my aesthetic choices, modesty, decency and propriety.  I have with the grace of God, come to realization that what God conceives, is as, it is to be. There is such a thing as “celestial beauty” and it tolerates the test of time because, it is timeless in its execution to begin with.

Teaching our youth early about what the Bible has to say and other profound aspects related to healthy attitudes regarding appearance creates a sound platform for high self-esteem early on. Offering numerous opportunities to cultivate unshakable confidence about one’s physical presence and its value as one gradually moves through the process of finding one’s own special identity.

More Quotes from the Bible can be accessed on the topics of dress and clothing excerpted from: “Quick Scripture Reference for Counseling Youth,” Miller A. Patricia, Miller R. Keith (2006) www.bakerbooks.com

Matthew 6:28-30, Mathew 6:32-33, Haggai 1:6, 1Timothy 6:6-8, Philippians 4:12, 1Corinthians 1:14; John 5:21, 1Corinthians 4:11, Deuteronomy 10:18-19, James 2:15-16, James 2:2-4, 1Timothy2:9-1, 1Peter3:3-4, Romans14:13; 1Corninthians 10:32, Samual16:7, Matthew 23-27-28

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In her book “In Your Face,” author Shari Graydon, describes the early indoctrination of young women to beauty. She cites the glorification of beauty as it is introduced to girls through fairy tales such as: “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” and the story of “Cinderella.”  She touches on the Greek legends, Helen of Troy and Aphrodite.  Beauty of course, is not restricted to just the feminine gender, as she conveys through the stories in mythology.  Graydon mentions Adonis and how his physical beauty drew Aphrodite to him. She also explains the role his attractiveness supposedly played in his premature death. She speaks of Narcissus, and she describes “the emotional wreckage” he caused those to whom he rejected – telling of the revenge one of his suitors took because Narcissus was unable to feel anything else for anyone else.  How tragic it was the he became so confused and lost when he was unable to capture the heart of the image he fell so madly in love with. And, without realizing it, Narcissus had become enamored with an image that was that of his own. She relates how he eventually died of a broken heart. This myth is magnificent as a cautionary tale to all of us to fight against the lures of vanity and self-obsession.

Author Shari Graydon

Throughout her book, Graydon constantly points out the importance of recognizing the powers and the pitfalls of beauty.  It is clear that her intention is to make us more aware. She does not want us to be controlled by obsessive ideas stemming from our desires to always fit into the dictates that suggest we will be stunningly “beautiful.”  Her writing makes us more sensitive to the intense pressure from societal forces that can evoke negative feelings about our image.  As I turned the pages, I was reminded over-and-over again, that beauty is fickle because it has infinite descriptions, rendering it always illusive.

As Graydon reminds us,  every society has its own set of beauty rules.  Her book is a fascinating read because she attempts to describe why historically women have tried to comply with the dictates of fashion and trends. Her publication is intriguing in that it makes its readers question; what are the sources in our culture that shape our views about appearance and our personal focus of aesthetics.

Some of my favorite insights include, but are not limited to:

Beauty of the Ages – a section of Graydon’s book that takes us on a walk through the various decades so we can get a feel for how society viewed women and how we were expected to be.

Global body images – a trip around the world to learn more about beauty practices of past and present such as the intentional cuts on their skin that some African tribes make because they consider this ritual to result in “beautiful scarring”

The Limits of Beauty Diversity –  just how little any of us know about the broad range of beauty and all that the concept can encompass. How we are only experiencing a mere fraction of the art of aesthetics. How the few aesthetic images of beauty we are exposed to are preventing us from experiencing a wider interpretation of beautification.

Changes in hair fashion – how they are less in agreement with what constitutes “Great Hair.” I particularly, like the illustrations provided and how Graydon describes these clueless guidelines.

Beauty promises – associations made with “gift-with-purchase” cosmetic promotions

What I found in Graydon’s book most disturbing, was a section entitled “The Mean Spirit of Law” according to her book “Chicago city bylaws once imposed fines on people who were considered unsightly by those in power. From 1966 to 1974, a subsection of the vagrancy law dictated that people who were diseased, maimed, mutilated or anyway deformed so as to be an unsightly or a disgusting object” could be fined for appearing in public. The attitudes that led to the creation of such laws are shocking today. Now we use the legal system to protect people with disabilities from discrimination and ensure their full participation in every aspect of society.”

I thank Ms. Graydon for her research and her insistence on writing about beauty in a way that gives it more meaning and less superficiality. I applaud the manner in which she has written about such an important aspect of our culture, and of all cultures. I found this book in the children’s section of my local library – a rare find – it turned out to be “indeed.” I encourage the reading of “In Your Face,” discussing its contents and sharing it with others. I believe that it can be most useful for young women who are searching for a sense of themselves and using the medium of aesthetics as a tool with which to communicate self-expression.

Book cover


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