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When we encounter a situation where another person looks or behaves differently it can cause us to react in a variety of different ways. Today, for instance, my husband and I went into an office to conduct personal business.  The person behind the desk had a condition that we had seen before.  Her situation was not a problem for her because she was wearing a garment that exposed it which leads me to believe that she was totally comfortable with the inconsistencies we observed in her working environment. 

As an expert in assisting individuals with the normalizing of problematic physical conditions of this sort, I was able to ask myself a series of questions that made me believe that any help I may have offered to her would have been inappropriate in her small enclosed cubicle space.  The experience made me pause however, and I realized that handling such circumstances really was not so difficult as long as I recognized two things (1) that I needed to be respectful of the environment and not just jump to conclusions thinking this professional women required my assistance (2) that common courtesy would be a great way to deal with the issue.

10 Additional Tips that Indicate What Reactions “WOULD NOT” be appropriate in a Professionals Workplace…

  • Commenting on an inconstancy in someone’s appearance while they are in their workplace
  • Mentioning the person’s problem to another person in an area where the person speaking can easily be overheard (for example: an open cubicle space without a ceiling or a door)
  • Staring at the individual’s problem or making an obvious visual note of it  
  • Asking personal questions that would draw attention to a person’s problem
  • Offering to handle the situation for the person by telling him or her that you have a remedy
  • Offering unsolicited support of any kind to an individual with a disability without requesting if they need assistance
  • Comparing disfigurements and directing a conversation away from the subject at hand, calling attention to one’s similar condition
  • Denouncing the problem by pretending it is not obvious as it is by looking away, beyond it or in another direction
  • By speaking down to the person as if he or she is less than because of his or her physical differences
  • Appearing sympathetic to a person’s plight without understanding how or what caused the physical inconsistencies

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There are as many reasons for people to create things as there are inventions. I often wonder what is it that makes innovators want to innovate. For example, take Coronel Sanders; he became interested in cooking as a boy after his father passed on. His mother had to go out and work and he was left in charge of feeding his siblings. Cooking became an everyday way of life for Sanders. Later on, he ran a gas station and served up his famous fried chicken at a nearby local dining room. He did not create his famous recipe for his southern fried chicken until he was 50 years old and the rest of the story is history.

Elvis Presley quickly made a name for himself not just as a musician but as an ace stage performer because of his electrifying presence in front of his audiences. His body movements and the way he rotated his hips and his arms while maintaining his balance while singing was legendary. He was considered so racy that he was almost thrown off the Ed Sullivan’s television show by the program’s censors who labeled his performance obscene and only allowed him to be filmed from the waist up.

John Z. De Lorean a troubleshooter for car manufacturers became a maverick when he up and quit his position after turning around General Motor’s Pontiac and Chevrolet divisions to start his own company. His imagination and determination produced a one of a kind stainless steel sports car. Why did he do it? Because some little boys want to grow up and drive fancy race cars, while others just want to design, build and sell them.

Barbie was born after Ruth Handler noticed that her daughter was assigning her paper dolls adult roles. Up until that time (1955) most dolls were mainly infants. While traveling in Europe she came across a grown figured female doll which she acquired and named Barbie after her daughter Barbara. Handler brought the prototype back to the States and with the help of an engineer revamped the model. Over 350,000 dolls were sold the first year of production. Barbie’s official birthday is March 9th 1959.

Each and every pioneer has their individual reasons for wanting to contribute something new and innovative. Some are inspired with a sudden flash of insight whereas; others come up with ideas because of their background. One thing that is certain is that all of these innovators were interested in breaking ground by bringing something fresh and original to the forefront for others to enjoy.

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An inexpensive novel is an invaluable form of recreation because it costs very little and brings an enormous return on one’s investment.  No matter what goes on in our lives we can always turn to an intriguing story for solace or lively entertainment.  Few things can create as tranquil of a mood as cuddling up with a good book on a rainy day.  Who has not been transformed by lying back and taking time out to read a relaxing book? Whether we are absorbed in the pages of a compelling novel while in line waiting or just passing time during a long airplane flight, a good piece of fiction is always a great bet to escape.

The fiction author knows how to capture our attention and how to draw us into his or her world one paragraph, one page or one chapter at a time. He or she sets the mood and before we are even aware of it we have been slowly seduced into a place of utter tranquility or stimulated by a heightened sense of mystery. The writer has the power to either jet us off somewhere exotic to experience global intrigue or to place us in the rural back roads of some quaint location that reminds us of a familiar small town we live in or at one time once visited.

If the book is a good read, it does not take long before we identify with the personality types in the writer’s story. With enough details, the characters start to appear real enough in the first few pages and we slowly start to relate to their various traits.  Perhaps, it is the dialogue that emerges from their conversations, or some secret that is revealed that reminds us of the people that we currently know or have known in our past.  The characters come more to life as we begin to understand their humanness and as the author reveals the reasons for their inclinations.  

No matter what the theme of the book, a good piece of fiction has certain attributes which we can agree with or dispute.

In my opinion what makes a book a good work of fiction –

  • A storyline that allows us to be transported to a different mode of living, if only temporarily by engaging our senses
  • The chance to feel less lonely or isolated by becoming so enthralled with the writer’s work that we forget our previous state of mind
  • A grandiose ambiance that makes our life style seem so much more conservative
  • A temporary relief from what might otherwise be a more mundane, drab or boring daily existence
  •  A chance to live vicariously through the concentration he or she makes on the characters ambitions and dreams as revealed in the storyline
  • An improbable situation that becomes more probable in every chapter as we calculate the possibilities
  • The opportunity to explore some of the unknown elements of the supernatural if the story includes such aspects
  • The enthralling emotions we experience when we are drawn into the mindset of an adventurous character
  • The routine habits and actions as well as the unnatural behaviors of the characters and the author’s justification for them
  • How the writer casts doubts into his or her character’s intentions and causes us temporary confusion which he or she later reconciles
  • The effects of the character’s actions in the story as they are gradually revealed leading up to a shocking finale
  • The astounding courage displayed by the heroes in the book or the disappointing aspects of the spinelessness of the characters
  • The excitement that the author stirs up in us by building momentum as the storyline moves toward its climatic conclusion

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A solo artist, bluesy jazz singer and an incredible acoustic guitarist, who was one of my all time favorite song writers, has died today of a cerebral hemorrhage.  Over the past year she suffered a stroke, bouts of clots, pneumonia and congestive heart failure. Snow was in a coma until she died today at sixty years old.

Phoebe Snow was such an enormous part of identity in my late teens. All throughout my 20’s she was the voice of my generation, even today, it is hard to image the world without her. I first learned of her music when I heard the first recorded songs off of her highly celebrated album “Poetry Man.” That was back in 1975. What a sound she made when she sang! Snow had a growly voice that was unmistakably hers which she most likely developed as a result of a rare gift that she highly developed from years of voice lessons and other studies like operatic training she routinely participated in.

Snow’s life was not an easy one.  At the age of 23 she married and in 1975 she gave birth to a baby girl. Her daughter Valerie Rose was severely brain-damaged and she only lived to the age of 31.  Raising a child as a single parent was very difficult for her especially since her daughter was only given a prognosis of a few years to live. After her marriage terminated she was able to purchase her own record company.  But, because of her loyalty to her daughter (she wanted to keep her from being institutionalized) she refused to tour which eventually cost her financial hardships leading to bankruptcy.

She really sacrificed for her daughter who died in 2008.  The caretakers that she did hire to watch over Valerie Rose, she claimed did terrible things to her making it difficult for her to devote herself to recording and to going out on the road.  In her later years her career really deteriorated. She struggled to regain her celebrity status but she was never really able to fully recover.

Snow’s History


Some of Her Hits –

Poetry Man


Let the Good Times Roll


Never Letting Go


It’s In His Kiss


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What is it that makes the French so interesting?  I think it is:

  • Their history
  • Confidence
  • Intellect
  • Stories
  • Sensuality
  • Language
  • Architecture
  • Gardens
  • Sense of style
  • Way with words
  • Cuisine
  • Wines

Creative “French Thinking is anything pertaining to, but not limited to any one or more of the following items listed below:

  • Seduction of taste
  • Anything aesthetically pleasing to the eye
  • Artist’s society
  • Unique cultural elements and perspectives
  • Intrigue and mystery
  • Elegance and refinement combined with whimsy
  • Luxurious surroundings
  • Eclectic touches
  • Improvisation
  • Enlightenment
  • Vision
  • Inspiration
  • Romantic persuasion
  • Passionate thoughts worth recalling
  • Delight and personal satisfaction
  • Poetry
  • Racy novels
  • Expressive music
  • Humor and folly

Famous Three-star French Chefs –

  • Alain Ducasse 
  • Eric Ripert

Creative French Images –

  • Eiffel Tower
  • Mansard Roofs
  • French Country furnishings
  • Palace of Versailles
  • Tuleries Gardens

Celebrated French Authors –

  • Victor Hugo
  • Antoine de Saint-Exupery  (author of the “Little Prince”)

French Painters

  • Claude Monet
  • Van Gough
  • Renoir

A List of the Famous French who used their creativity in a productive and impressive way:


Charles Aznavour Mez emmerdes


Guillaume Apollinaire, Calligram message from a French Poet


Coco Channel


Brigitte Bardot – Film Star


Brigitte Bardot Makeup Tutorial


French Photographer Willy Ronis  – Master of human interest photography


A Tribute to Louis Malle


Louis Malle Film Maker discusses his process


A Tribute to Vincent Van Gough


Ananis Nin and Henry Miller


Images of French Design


Rodin Sculpture


Camille Claudel


Clip from the Movie Camille Claudel – Isabelle Adjani


French Guy Makes Music -D


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Easter Sunday is all about all things that are bright and beautiful! Christ arises from the dead and celebrations abound. Easter is a time of spiritual renewal, when we take inventory of our faith, and when we reunite with the beauty of nature. It is after a long dark period when we expressed hope over doubt, when no visible proof of Christ’s promises were evident. Easter is the time when we are rewarded for our uncompromising faith. He has risen from the dead and with him comes light of redemption. 


What it Means

A Spiritual Stimulus for Us All

Greater belief in hope

Evidence in things once unseen

Life after death exists

Christ was more than a prophet

We can trust in the words of the Lord

Promises kept

Serenity Afforded

 A Second Chance

Nature follows the spiritual laws (first there is winter and then comes spring)

Suffering related to our faith is never in vain or fruitless

God’s miracle working power restores all that is lost and broken

Christ is victorious and His truth apparent

His teachings are in the lessons of His complete surrender as evidenced by the crucifixion and

 the release brought about by His resurrection!

Fame, honor, wealth are transient things that change with the seasons but the rewards from God are everlasting in their existence!


Sunrise service

Easter Sunday mass

Church Services at the Vatican in Rome

Easter baskets filled with decorated eggs

Treasured Easter Eggs

Holiday photographs

Dressing up for Easter

Sweets and Cuddly Toys

Easter Egg Hunts at the White House

Easter Parades

Easter bonnets

Easter Shoes

Little baby chicks

Common Easter Faire –


Easter brunch at fancy hotels

Easter picnics with barbecue chicken, baked ham and corn on the cob and apple pie for dessert

Supper ham with cherry sauce, peas and carrots with mashed potatoes and homemade biscuits and gravy

Turkey with cornbread and sausage stuffing or braised lamb dinner with roasted red potatoes fresh mint sauce and asparagus with hollandaise sauce


More About The Resurrection and Easter

Bible Verses for Easter

http://christianity.about.com/od/holidaytips/qt/easterbiblevers.htm 12

Different Sightings of Christ during the Resurrection


Video – A Case for Jesus’ Resurrection (historical facts)


Article – I Believe in the Resurrection


Resurrection of Jesus Christ – Redemptive history


The Easter Song – Enjoy!!!


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 Every year on the last Friday before Easter Christians remember the traditions of Good Friday.  It is an observance that transpires during the hours of 12 to 3. This is the time that Jesus was nailed to the cross and sacrificed his life in order to die for the sins of the world so that every new birth could celebrate the blessed dignity of life.

Saying the Rosary

Good Friday As Observed  in Greece


Acting Out the Crucifixion in Rome  

 Jesus’s Mother at the time of her son’s death in Peru

Watching the Service at Work in Japan

Good Friday –  three crosses perched on a street in London

Altar of Cat Notre Dame de Paris

Services in South America

After the Good Friday Service Conducted at the Franciscan Monastery  

 The Stations of the Cross  

Artwork Depicting The Aloneness of Jesus’s in his Spiritual Journey

The Crucifixion

Church Services

European Traditions

Foot Washing

Good Friday at Noontime  


Special Fish Dish Made for Good Friday Trinidad

Aruban Faire

More Information on this Good Friday and Reading of the Rosary Between 12:00 Noon to 3:00 p.m.

Stations of the Cross Ireland – Really Moving Irish Narration


Prayers at the Stations of the Cross Combined with Scenes From Mel Gibson’s Film


Guidelines to Recite the Stations of the Cross


Good Friday as Observed in Greece


Holy Week Depicted in Slides


Ava Maria  Luciano Pavarotti


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