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Forever is composed of nows.
Emily Dickinson

The minutes and hours of our day just seem to slip by sometimes without our being aware of these precious lost moments. Here are some special ways that we can all savor out time. What follows is a list for some interesting one hour activities that can make instead of break, what would otherwise, be a typically mundane day.

Mini One Hour Projects and Great Escapes

  • Create a weekly calendar of small tasks that will result in quick and easy solutions to things that keep nagging at you because they just cannot seem to get completed such as: cleaning out wallet or handbags, reorganizing cupboards or drawers, hand washing of delicates, cleaning out refrigerator shelves, doing a load of laundry etc. Assign each duty a day of the week and give it an hour slot in your day to accomplish. Notice how great you’ll feel at the end of seven days when all your chores are complete.  

  • Call or email at least one friend who you haven’t spoken to in a while and check in.
  • Visit a local pet store and spend some time with the puppies or the kittens, exotic birds or fish and enjoy yourself.
  • Schedule a time to relax for an hour.  Glance over some coffee table publications or scan through an architectural design magazine.

  • Kick up your heels and dance to some memorable old tunes like 60’s music.
  • Write a love letter and make it sexy. It does not matter if there is someone in your life to give it to – write it, and he or she will come.
  • Watch a documentary on some subject that you have always wanted to know about.
  • Whitten and brighten your teeth today.

  • Learn a new hobby – start to master a foreign language you have always wanted to speak, learn how to sew or to play an exotic musical instrument.
  • Fly a kite or release a  bunch of balloons
  • Walk or roller skate across a bridge

  • Ride your bike to a place where you have never been before.
  • Offer to take a friend for a drive and /or help him or her run errands
  • Make a feast for one and set the table as if you had a VIP coming for a bite.

  • Write a poem and read it into a voice recorder with your favorite music in the background and send it to a family member or friend or lover.
  • Bake bread.
  • Arrange flowers.

  • Plant some seeds in a flower-pot.
  • Paint an old chair in unthinkable cobalt colors.
  • Restore a work of art you picked up from a local salvage shop

  • Pick out a cheerful new card for yourself or better yet, design one with your favorite saying on it.
  • Shop at a local deli and buy at least one naughty treat, come home and create your own version of British “High Tea.”
  • Get a library video on yoga and participate in a class.
  • Play a spiritual CD and chant with the monks or sing with the choir.

  • Read a racy novel and call someone special and share the details of the story.  
  • Take a walk in nature and don’t forget to bring your camera. Download your photos and send your best pictures and send them off to friends.
  • Arrange for a picnic with only one guest – you.
  • Take a drive to your favorite residential area and look for the perfect house, apartment or loft. Remember, in this instance, the cost of your new abode is of no consequence.   The goal here is to dream and to fantasize.

  • Create a scrapbook that encapsulates all your favorite things.
  • Take yourself out on a date. Plan the outing well in advance.
  • Pick up a book from your local library that will give you step-by-step instructions on how to perform a scientific experiment of some kind that will result in a finding that you have always been curious about.
  • Read about famous people’s last words.
  • Take a class on sculpting.

  • Craft a homemade greeting card for someone who is ill and take it to them when you go for a visit.
  • Sit on a park bench and watch the local children play. Youth has its own set of rules and wisdom’s go home and record lessons learned in a journal.
  • Go to a wig shop, try on some wigs and discover a whole new you.
  • Go for a professional foot massage and enjoy the healing benefits of reflexology.
  • Learn to give a professional foot massage.
  • Redecorate your bedroom by adding some cozy areas or comfy features in the way of treasured accessories.

  • Create a prayer closet.
  • Bake cookies and take them to your local fire department or police station.
  • Reorganize your jewelry box.  
  • Write a short story.
  • Watch a comedy even if you cannot finish viewing it in an hour’s time. It will give you a lift.
  • Make a list of other things that will make your day memorable.

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Every person who has ever had to come out of the starting gate first for or against anything, knows that it is no picnic to be a trail blazer. It looks glamorous in movies and makes a compelling story when one later relays the grueling particulars of his or her experience after writing about them in a bestselling book, but the truth is, that being a pioneer sometimes is not what all that it is cracked up to be. 

 Pioneers take a lot of hits from a lot of saboteurs who like to send them off in all the wrong directions. Innovators are always easy to spot because they are the ones with the arrows in their backs; ambushes always come from behind.

The most difficult thing about being the first at anything is the constant skepticism from others that one must live with incessantly.  It can be very hard when everyone dismisses your intentions as being less than realistic and accuse you of living in a daydream with your head in the clouds just because you have a vision that they cannot yet see.

When all your efforts appear fruitless, and the desire to get others on board with your ideas is nothing short of hopeless, you may ask yourself, what’s the point of going on from here?  When instead of support, it seems as if you are the target of the lowest forms of deception, and it feels as if all those around you are playing the sneakiest of clandestine games, it is not at all unusual to question your near-impossible life’s mission.  At best, you are acutely aware that you are on uncertain footing, and at worst; it’s as if you are chasing a wild goose. 

The term “Wild Goose Chase’ originates way back to Shakespeare’s day, 1592. “A ‘wild goose chase’ was a chase in which horses followed a lead horse at a set distance, mimicking wild geese flying in formation. The equine connection was referred to in another early citation, just ten years after Shakespeare” – Nicholas Breton’s The Mother’s Blessing, 1602. According to the website Phrase Finder “The 1978 film ‘The Wild Geese‘ alluded to this phrase in its title.

The term “Wild Geese” refers back to Irish mercenaries who ‘flew’ from Ireland to serve in various European armies in the 16th to 18th centuries. The plot of the 70’s film involved a group of mercenaries embarking on a near-impossible mission. Of course, the near-impossible is no problem for action heroes and of course; in the film they caught their prey.” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JPJIPToK_gs&feature=related

There is only one way out of a wild goose chase and that is by continuous, unrelenting persistence. It is by constantly engaging in breakthrough thinking.  You have to work harder and smarter than you ever have had to do before by scooping in on areas that the others have somehow left neglected in their quest to disrupt and distract you from your objectives. The most concise way of putting this to you, is to say that they will lead you down a garden path, translation: it means that you need to avoid garden paths that are so lovely that anyone who is guided down them can easily be mislead and deceived since they are so attractive and distracting.

It can be a long stretch from strategy development to the implementation of your concepts.  Someone who wants to disrupt the status quo can easily exhaust your efforts. If you want to be the pioneer, you can expect to go it alone for a long time before you come upon fellow travelers who see the same mental picture that you do. 

Until those connections are securely formed, you will have only an inkling of what is really going on behind your back.  To plant the seeds of any new concept a person has to merely capture it, manage the idea properly, listen to what others are saying about it, and be willing to receive their opinions with an open mind. 

The knowledge required to push forth something new is a process that must be observed carefully and scrupulously before trying to execute one’s vision. For the most part, all endeavors have a period of pause, a time out before the next stage is visited. It is a vital period in which you will analyze a collection of reactions so that you can adequately respond in a way that is favorable to all your disbelievers.

If you allow the naysayers and the idea bandits to take your proposals before they have even been consummated into a workable plan then all their trickery is benign anyway.   Nonetheless, the best way to remain on course, and not be sent on a wild goose chase is to be prepared to be temporarily waylaid by the high jinks of those who think they have everything to gain by regularly sending you off in the wrong direction. 

 All oversights and deceptions from persons who distract us, are but lessons that if interpreted as such, can be very enlightening indeed! We live, and we learn, and we improve and move on until we find a way to bring to life our dreams. Fearlessness and steadfastness is the key to any successful pioneered effort.

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Everything we are and everything we will become is a direct or indirect result of those who have influenced us.  We are a patchwork of the thoughts, talents and skills that have touched various components of our being at different times, and in different ways. 

We are one, and yet, not anything alike in our perceptions that we all share. Our lives are mere canvases and we are but artists and writers, poets and musicians.  We play to our own tunes – some harmonious, most not.  We are the company we keep!

We are free but we act inhibited. We have choices, but we tell ourselves and each other we have none.  We are moody, temperamental, sullen and at times sad.  We think we are rich when we are poor and poor when we are rich, but we still count on each other, no matter what we have to give or how much we have taken. We are the company we keep.

We are accusatory, in denial and… at times, evasive, and in the same breath we are generous to a fault, much too hospitable and in some instances too loving.  We connect and disconnect, make friends and lovers and just as quickly, abandon them.  We open our homes and our hearts; close our doors and our minds.  We group together and we insist on being on being apart. We are the company we keep!

We band together in a crisis, or we silently, drift away in defeat.  Our empathy goes out to those who need us and we often lend them a hand when they require our help, whenever we can. We share confidences and enjoy each other’s war stories and learn a lot from exchanging our life’s lessons. We are the company we keep!

We can be genuine and forthright, or deceiving and manipulative.  We can tell the candid truth and risk appearing harsh or overly critical, or believe we are kind because we beat around the bush. We are the company we keep.  

We are healthy in mind and in body, or neglectful of ourselves and our well-being.  We are vibrant and radiate a glow of positivity, or we lack luster and energy. We are the company we keep.

At times we reach out to the injured, the forgotten or the lost, or if we choose to, we make some excuse to justify walking past a homeless person and tell ourselves we have contributed enough. We are the company we keep.

We are the black sheep, the sister, the brother, the long-lost dad or the absent mother who struggles to be accepted in the family, or we are the favorite, the hero, the one who can do no wrong.  We are the patsy, the fall guy, the loser, the lost one that never can get it right. We are the company we keep.

I am you and you are me and we are the company we keep!

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There are magical foods that come from nature and they have healing properties that provide us with our very own organic pharmacy.  Here are just a few:

Peas – act as a mild male contraceptive

Oysters – sexual enhancer

Vitamin C – helps prevent stomach cancer

Carrots and carotene rich foods (spinach, kale, sweet [potatoes) – arouse damaged cells to resist assaults

Milk – helps draw zinc out and makes it more effective

Garlic and Onions – improve circulatory system and good for heart disease and

aids in recovery from colds

Chinese black mushroom – anticoagulant

Fiber – hemorrhoids, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome

Oatmeal – lowers blood cholesterol

Spices in Thai, Mexican, Indian foods – good for preventing pulmonary phlegm

Hot chili sauce – acts a metabolism booster

Omega-3 fish oils – depresses blood cholesterol

Broccoli, Brussels sprouts and cabbage – diminishes effects of carcinogens blocking formation of cancer

Chick peas and soy beans – protease inhibitors – acting as antioxidants destroying free radicals

Cranberry – natural antibiotic by keeping harmful bugs from sticking to cells

Wine extract – effective in treating cold sores

Green Tea – improves renal function and resistance to infections

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Yesterday, I spoke with an atheist.  I called him out of the blue to ask for his and to get a sense of direction about a new community service venture I am trying to launch.  In the beginning of the call, he was very guarded and inpatient. He  even accused me of trying to manipulate him.

The interesting thing about his accusation is that prior to contacting him I was working on an essay on the topic of manipulation for a class I am completing on a faith-based public service effort in the town where I am living. As a person who believes in God and in miraculous events, I just naturally assumed that this man had been blessed with the gift of spiritual awareness and that he had somehow tapped into what I had been doing prior to my call to him. I was delighted by his insight and I told him so.  The minute I shared my feelings with him he seemed to soften.  His voice inflection completely changed, and so did his treatment of me. He became warm and responsive.

We must have been on the phone for close to 45 minutes. I asked him many questions and he unconditionally, and without any reservation what-so-ever, gave me a whole lot of information that I considered invaluable.  We brainstormed and he opened up to me as if we had known one another for quite some time prior to my contacting him.  The transformation in his demeanor was nothing short of a miracle. 

This man, although a non-believer was so generous and thoughtful.  He was candid, yet, sensitive when he had to set me straight on a couple of issues I was totally mistaken about.  I really enjoyed the time I spent with him and felt fully refreshed after I hung up because of his straightforward approach and his honesty with me.

I was hoping to find someone who would care about my project. It never dawned on me that God would put me on this man’s path, but he did. For whatever the reason, he wanted me to hear what this man, above all others (believers)  I could have spoken with, had to say. 

I often ask myself why is it that some of us have so much faith in a Divine Being and others seem to have none.  I used to think it is because those that refuse to believe are somehow insensitive or callous and their hearts have become hard.  Yesterdays encounter however, turned my thinking completely around. Out of all the calls I made and all the numerous messages I left (and there were many) this gentleman, was the only one to put so much time and attention into helping me advance toward my cause. 

After speaking with him for a while, I came to realize that this man had some of the challenges I am trying to modify.  My random phone call to him had brought me face-to-face with my target population. In fact, he was exactly the type of person I am attempting to serve. 

I had to pause a moment to understand the true significance of our phone meeting.  I believe that God wanted me to learn a lesson about diversity.  He wanted me to understand that although we are all made from his vision, we are all unique and special in our own right.  I think that he wanted me to remember that just because I do not have the same beliefs as someone else, and even though they may not believe in him, they are still his child and I should envision all non-believers as such.

By the time we said our goodbyes this man had so endeared himself to me that I could not refrain from saying something loving before I hung up.  I ended our conversation with a heartfelt verbal gesture of sincere appreciation by saying the words, “God Bless You” to which he promptly and sincerely, replied “Thank you!”

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There are many aspects that make us who we are, but none as distinctive as our personalities. Our personalities are the determiners of how we think, feel and behave under certain circumstances. The more we learn about the subject of personalities in general, the more insights we can have into ourselves, and the better we can understand everyone else whom we come in contact with. 


“In oneself lies the whole world and if you know how to look and learn, the door is there and the key is in your hand. Nobody on earth can give you either the key or the door to open, except yourself.”
Jiddu Krishnamurti

The most recognizable differences between people are these traits, referred to as:

The Big-5 Personality Types

  • Extraversiontalkative, sociable, fun-loving, affectionate
  • Agreeableness – sympathetic, warm, trusting, and cooperative character
  • Conscientiousnessethical, dependable, productive, and purposeful demeanor
  • Neuroticism – anxious, insecure, guilt-prone, and self-conscious conduct
  • Openness – experience characterizes daring, nonconforming, imaginative (people who have unusually broad interests)

5 Different Aspects of our Minds and their Functions

Nurturing parent side – taking care of ourselves

Structuring parent side – protecting ourselves

Adult side – getting the facts

Compliant child side – getting approval

Rebellious child side – fighting authority

Four Temperaments

  • Lyon – bold
  • Ox – sturdy
  • Man – humane
  • Eagle – far-seeing

Four Classifications of Human Temperament

Sanguine type – high-energy curious types who are very spontaneous, and optimistic, enthusiastic, impulsive

Phlegmatic type – pleasant personality types, highly animated, very empathetic and nurturing

Choleric type – candid, logical, alert, can be extremely harsh at times

Melancholics – moral minded, respectful, caring, consoling, and calm

 Defining Characteristics of the Four Personality Groups

Driver personality – hard-working, energetic, and does not avoid conflict

Expressive – highly motivated, great communicators, very enthusiastic with an impractical nature

Amiable – kind-hearted, flexible, very cooperative and compatible with others

Analytical – detail oriented, highly focused, authoritative, very perceptive and can be pessimistic

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Communication involves the transmission of signals, characters and commands

Any and all converters of messages  

Senders and responders of emotions and perceptions

 Communication through language can be either spoken, nonverbal or both

There are listeners and talkers, bloggers and chatters, writers and speakers

Verbal communication abilities vary

There are those who are articulate and those who suffer from speech anxiety

Some communicators are out of this world

There are scientific channels of communication and there are psychic mediums

Messages can be automatic, well-rehearsed or spontaneous in nature

They can comply with, be in contrast to, or go against social conventions

Communication can be manipulative or non-propositional

Messages can be closely monitored or virtually ignored

Some messages require feedback, while others, no response at all

Communication can come from our unconscious awareness, or from

perceptual preattunements

It can be erratic or systematic

Frequent or non-frequent in intervals

 It can be up or it can be down

Linked in or phased out completely

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15 Questions Worth Asking Ourselves

1. What one question should a person never attempt to answer?

2. Where did the minutes of last year go?

3. What abilities have we been gifted with that we have yet to fully acknowledge about ourselves?

4. What are the things that have a profound effect our emotional state?

5. How can we gain a wider insight, a broader view, and a deeper understanding into ourselves?

 6. When was the last time our judgment lagged behind the development of our intellect?

7. What laws, rules, customs and traditions do we adamantly object to?

8. When was the last time we defied authority and why did we do it?

9. What specific situations bore us silly and inspire us to daydream?

10. What compelling insights have we had about ourselves in the past 3 years?

11. What actions have we taken that have empowered other people?

12. What situations have we had to reframe just to tolerate?

13. What do we consider the basic necessities of life?

14. What makes us just glow?

 15. What is your question? http://www.ask.com/ More on the Subject of Questions?

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The error that many of us make is that although we say we believe in miracles, we neglect to focus on them in our day-to-day lives.  

Miracles serve us by being a consistent spiritual force that we can draw from that brings out our inner-vitality, naturally energizing our thoughts, and therefore, our being and all the various aspects in our lives.

Thinking about the existence of miracles expands our consciousness with the realization that there is there is always a higher power at work.

Miracles connect us with the universal source that unites all people and all things, giving us a greater sense of oneness.   

They tap into our collective awareness and make us more empathetic and compassionate to those who are the closest to us and even to strangers. 

Miracles are powerful thought forms that when conceived of regularly, can pave the way to paths of plenty by raising us up from emotional gravity. 

When we constantly focus on the miraculous things in our lives we begin to experience a greater level of life satisfaction. 

It is as if we are given an extra measure of inner-happiness so we can further appreciate all the things around us that are worthy of our gratitude, things that once were not even considered amazing or extraordinary. 

  • Miracles can rebirth our spirit
  • Miracles create an air of expectancy that something wonderful is just around the corner, awaiting us
  • Miracles transform what would otherwise be interpreted as meaningless into a miraculous occurrence
  • Miracles bring out the innocence of our inner-child and make us more playful
  • Miracles make us smile and laugh, and begin to believe again
  • Miracles help us to understand what would otherwise be, inconceivable
  • Miracles are the light that help us to navigate our way out of our self-imposed darkness
  • Miracles when shared restore faith consciousness
  • Miracles make us more radiant
  • Miracles help reduce pain and make us instantly feel a little better
  • Miracles bring joy where there was once only despondency
  • Miracles transform terror by granting us serenity by making us feel that we are divinely provided for
  • Miracles keep us grounded and from imagining the worst in chaotic situations
  • Miracles help us break free of our enslavement to skepticism
  • Miracles make the less than obvious occurrences marvelous events
  • Miracles fill our hearts with gladness and take away our sadness
  • Miracles attract more miracles

Miracles are Everywhere

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Hardest Earned Accomplishments Imaginable


“No pessimist ever discovered the secrets of the stars,

or sailed to an uncharted land,

Or opened a new heaven to the human spirit.”

Helen Keller


Helen Keller’s Favorite Song – sung with the spirit and in the rhythm of Courage


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 Dance of Life to Stop AIDS – a very revealing look at a HIV patient who is a real inspiration! 


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