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Every aspect of human civilization has it’s own language and the church is no exception.  Ancient sacred symbols have alway held a special significance that speaks of divine glory.  They are an eblem that surpasses words and in many instances replaces them when holy concepts are inexpressable. 

The sole purpose of symbols in the church is to invite worship. They are a language in and of themselves and their association with the church is one that is based on inspiring familarity. In a sense one could interpret the symbols of the church as a spiritual logo of sorts. What distinquishes them from other forms of symbolism is their holy signification defining the chuch as a forum that allows the worshipper to form a union with the Supreme Being. Symbols of the church reinforce this mystical domicle as a place of devotion to God and all that nourishes the soul as well as, restores the spirit.

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I know practically nothing about butterflies and what I do know could be put into a thimble. For example, I was shocked to find that there are 20,000 different species of butterflies worldwide, and although, a good majority of them live in the lower forty-eight States and Canada, the largest number (2,000) butterflies can be found within the boarders of Mexico.  

 According to experts there are generally about one hundred different kinds living near our homes.

To find out the type of species of butterflies that live near us we can check the website of NABA http://butterflywebsite.com/articles/npwc/butterflychecklist.cfm

The North American Butterfly Association encourages members who participate in field trips to document their sightings and to email in their information in from all over the country. http://www.naba.org/qanda.html

One of my favorite butterflies is also one of the smallest in existence (the Pygmy).

The Emeralswallowtail is equally as beautiful.  

Much of the beautiful colors that make up the butterfly’s wings are just part of a natural camouflage disguise.

In the end it is the caterpillar becomes the butterfly and butterflies are born free, free to fly, fly away.

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Living with a grateful heart is one of the best ways to express the art of thankfulness.  When we embrace gratitude as an object of love we began to see the impact thankfulness is capable of making on not just our lives but on the lives of all those with whom we come in contact.  As is the case with all artistic works, our gratitude becomes a central feature of the beauty of our being and it is this beauty that goes out into the world inspiring others. 

Thankfulness is an art form that is articulated to other people in the way we color our communication.  When we recognize the wonderfulness of the world, those around us cannot help but perceive its magnificence too because we become envoys of beauty and light. Like works of art, we demonstrate many of the same characteristics that spark the spirit in others.  Thankfulness reflects abounding happiness and similar to the warmer hues of the color spectrum, energies that radiate a higher frequency, in other words, we bring about brightness with our jovial and appreciative attitude and our feelings reverberate outward.

By being thankful we transform ourselves into canvases that mirror all the beauty around us.  Our verbal expressions take on a poetic quality as we reiterate the virtues of our gladness.  We speak of everyday things as masterpieces because our thoughts of gratitude spillover into good cheer.   We are no longer weary at the end of our day of work. Instead, we are anxious to go home to our cozy, sheltered nests.  Gratitude guides us always as to how thankful we should be.  Even winter elements such as cold gusty winds are no longer irritating to us because the art of thankfulness helps us to see everything in a new way.  The chilly circulating air is now, a fresh fragrant force that is merely breezing along just as nature intended it to.  We are grateful to take a breath of it as it blows by us because we are wise to its importance. 

When we practice the art of thankfulness we escape from the doldrums.  We no longer paint our days with washed out shades of gray associated with pessimism.  Conversely, we are ablaze with the effervescence of many colors sublimely present in us, all associated with the vibrancies of a dozen shades of sunshine and the translucent qualities of tranquility.

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“I have always considered that choosing a companion for life was a very important affair and that my happiness or misery in this life depended on the choice.”

Ezra Cornell Business Man 1807-1874 (Founder of Western Union and Co-founder of Cornell University)

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Conflicts are just a normal part of human nature; if not simply because we cannot always agree with one another, at least not all the time. There will be incidents when we will be forced to stand up and speak out for what we believe.  

It is never easy especially when we are not the one who has brought about the hostile conflict.  In situations where backing down is not an option, we still have some choices; we just have to get through it.

Confrontations can be dealt with a lot easier if we will view them in a whole new way by thinking of them differently in a manner that confirms that we have the ability to handle them. 

A Few of the Main Causes of Professional Conflict:

  • Rude commentary
  • Appalling actions
  • Questions regarding liability
  • Low-performance issues
  • Envy and jealousy
  • Indignation
  • Fabrications
  • Deliberate crazy making for the purpose of disruption
  • Overly critical critique of professional behavior  
  • Negative inferences
  • Lack of cooperation
  • Gossip and / or acts of hypocrisy
  •  Poor information transmission

Conflict Reversal Techniques to Put to Use:

  • Begin by behaving with respect toward one another
  • Tread lightly and be vigilant not to further antagonize
  • Ask questions to obtain accurate knowledge of the situation
  • Demonstrate an adaptive stance if possible
  • Disguise frustrations
  • Control hostile facial expressions  and body language
  • Avoid any impulsive actions or statements
  • Closely monitor swings in emotions – temper aggression by remaining centered and calm
  • Establish a consistent tone of voice
  • Refrain from using unintelligent language – don’t try to be the cleverest, wisest or the wittiest
  • Be ultra-sensitive to opponent’s vocabulary
  • Convey empathy for opponent
  • Be willing to strategize and problem solve
  • Don’t be self-serving see all the possibilities
  • Be prepared and willing to compromise

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We need to pay attention to the little things in life, because eventually if we do not, we will come to the conclusion that what we labeled as small and insignificant was really not so trivial and inconsequential at all.

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If I could be anything in the world I would want to be a teardrop because I would be born in your eyes, live on your cheeks, and die on your lips. 

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